Candy Hearts

So the American band Candy Hearts have had one awesome summer. They’ve played the summer long Warped Tour, released a new E.P Acoustic Hearts (which can be purchased from  or and Mariel performed with Weezer at the 2015 APMA’s. Oh and they found an abandoned kitten and named it Pvris. Here’s Pvris:


Neck Deep

It’s about time for some British band news, right? Well Neck Deep are the latest Pop-Punk powerhouse to release a new album which drops in just ten days. They’ve had some great reaction to a few of their songs from this record while on Warped Tour.
Life’s Not out to Get You can be picked up from Itunes, HMV or Hopeless Records website


First Post – Against The Current
The young and upcoming American band against the current have completed recording their debut album. A release date is u known at this time.
Below is the link to the  announcement via the bands Instagram