Against The Current – In Our Bones Review

Well… This is an album we’ve been waiting a while for; the fans of this group that is. ¬†As for myself, I’ve been following ATC for around two years when they released their Infinity E.P. Since then, I’ve been hooked on their various cover songs and original songs such as Outsiders and the Infinity Acoustic sessions. Hopefully with this album, you will find your new favourite band!

So going into the album, I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t want to spoil the track-listing if they had recorded any material from previous songs (Spoiler alert – Track eight). Starting with track 1, we see they certainly started strong with Where the Wild Things Are. blending into their own personal style we see the songs from this album are punchy, poppy but melds into this sub-genre of rock which we’ve seen a few times in the past year. Moving on further, we see songs reminiscent of previous material but at the heart of what they play is something which is the next level for this group. Coming off a EU tour with All Time Low and Good Charlotte just a few months ago, we see their influence but what’s more, shaping the future of what this group could be and to the fans, an album which is not easily forgotten, especially with some powerful songs for what is their debut.


Favourite Tracks: Running With the Wild Things, Forget Me Know, Roses.


1. Running With the Wild Things

2. Forget Me Now

3. Chasing Ghosts.

4. One More Weekend

5. In Our Bones

6. Young & Restless

7. Runaway

8. Brighter

9. Wasteland

10. Blood Like Gasoline

11. Roses

12. Demons