Review: Night People YMAS.

Night People isn’t just one album which could make You Me at Six the band they are today, it could be the one to give them a right as legends.

Night People is the London band’s fifth studio album with it on track for a the number one spot in the album charts. Armed with producer Jacquire King, they pack a punch on an album which gets 2017 off to a fantastic start for the genre.

Night People’s opening and title track is one everyone was talking about to the end of 2016. which the intimate UK tour, it was sure to be adding another crowd pleaser to the band’s arsenal on their set lists. This track sets the tone for the entire album with a mix of shredding guitars and honest lyrics which makes it one of the grandest Albums ever made by the British band.

The Title track aside, other new material including Plus One and Make Your Move proved that they could still make records to be proud of; where these can prove they can step up the venues and hopefully turn them into festival headlines.

Two words come to mind when I hear this record though; maturity and progression. Coming off the back of Cavalier Youth, it makes that record seem a memory in Track 9; Spell It Out. It’s nostalgia will remind listeners of Crash from Sinners Never Sleep but also reminds myself of Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith. They’re embracing the future and now there won’t be any looking back with the release.

With this being the first major release of the year for the Rock genre, it looks to be the start of a bright year; especially since they’re currently sitting at number 1 in the midweek album chart.


There are still two days for HMV indoor signings taking place

Jan 11 – Leeds and Manchester

Jan 12 – Middlesbrough and Newcastle


Listen to: Plus One, ,Make Your Move, Spell It Out.


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