Faultlines Part Ways With Vocalist

Leeds based band Faultlines have confirmed that they have parted ways with their vocalist, Christina Rotondo.

Here’s the full statement by the band regarding Rotondo’s departure:

“As you may or may not have heard, we have parted ways with our vocalist Christina. Things just weren’t working out within the band and we feel in order to continue doing what we love, it was a necessary decision to make.As much as this was a hard decision, we’re excited for the future and already have massive plans for 2017.
We’re extremely passionate about creating music and the progression of this band, so expect to be hearing lots from us very soon!
We wish Christina all the best in her future endeavors and you can still get your Christina fix over on her YouTube Channel!
Don’t ever let anything get in the way of what you’re passionate about and makes you happy.”

Rotondo posted a video to her Youtube channel a week prior to the release of this statement, stating that the band’s manager told her she was being let go.

Here’s a video on the matter from her personal Youtube video giving her side of the story:

She will be continuing with her YouTube channel, where she posts and shares covers of songs from bands bands, as well as original songs.

Faultlines debut EP, ‘All We’ve Ever Known’, is available now and can be purchased from their website.


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