Slam Dunk Release Statement Ahead of Festivals

Slam Dunk Festival have released a statement in light of the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night.

Here’s the statement.

We are saddened and shocked by the attack that took place in Manchester last night. Our thoughts go out to all of those who have been affected by the events in any way and our deepest sympathy goes out to those who lost their lives and their families.

We would like to reassure you that Slam Dunk Festival will take place this weekend as planned. Due to existing government guidance on the current terrorist threat level, security was already at a very high level, and this of course will continue.

There will be intensive bag searches taking place on all gates – we advise you to avoid bringing a bag with you unless absolutely necessary, as this will delay your entrance. Searches will also be carried out on the gates to all events. If you are attending one of the events this weekend please be patient when entering and re-entering the sites and allow plenty of time to get into the festival.

We have consulted with local authorities and venues at all Slam Dunk Festival sites to ensure the safety of our customers, and will continue to follow advice from them over the coming days.”

If anyone is scared to go because of this don’t be. I, myself am going to be at one of the dates this weekend but we can show as a music community, we are stronger/ these people will not brake our spirit.


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