Apple Asks Music Labels To Take Smaller Cut Of Revenue From Streaming.

Okay this is going to be a rant post.

Earlier The Verge reported that Apple has asked music labels to take a smaller percentage of revenue which it comes to streaming music.

“The record labels’ deals with Apple expire at the end of June, though they are likely to be extended if the parties can’t agree on new terms by then, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

The negotiations would bring Apple closer to the rate Spotify Ltd. pays labels, and allow both sides to adjust to the new realities of the music industry. Streaming services have been a source of renewed hope following a decade of decline in the digital age.”

It seems that they’re wanting more money with this side business the music takes from them so Apple can earn more money. (But this can be seen as them trying to get money back from the highly critical reviews of their touch bar on the Macbook Pro’s). It seems like Apple’s trying to steal what little they’re paying out to labels and in turn the artist’s that are being played from what’s being licensed to on Apple music. But would this soon mean a higher paying rate for the subscription on the consumers part? I hope not.

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