New New Music Videos!

So since the last post on music videos, there have been many many more videos.

Let’s kick things off with something a little weird! I’m talking about the Devil Wears Prada’s new video for their track Worldwide.

Check this out for some freaky sh**!


Up next, let’s switch things up to Pop – Punk with Trash Boat which includes a little bit of sightseeing.

This is their video for Tring Quarry.



Moving back to the world of weird Dance Gavin Dance have dropped something strange.

I’ll let everyone decide for themselves on their thoughts because I can’t gather them at present.

Here’s Summertime Gladness.



Let’s go dark and emotion in Hold Absence’s new video for their track ‘Penance’. But this is one great video!

Check it out!



Lastly, we’re going to the world of more Pop Rock in the form of Hey Violet! This comes from their new album “From The Outside” which has just hit shelves in shops and this is the lyric video for Hoodie’.



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