Dayshell Lose Member

Dayshell have parted ways with their bassist, Jordan Wooley.

They posted, expalining the situation,

“So this happen. It’s a sad day for most of you guys but, look at the bright side! The music won’t change at all! As some of you know. I’m the song writer even with bass.”

“So have no fear, Dayshell will not disappear! Haha . But for reals guys… You know Dayshell has never had it easy. Life always tends to [beat] the living shit out of this band. And at this point I’m numb to it.”

“But that [does] not mean I will give up! With or without. As long as I have my voice and fingers, you will keep hearing new music.”

“Lastly I want to thank my little brotha @zackdrumssometimes for choosing to ride along with this bull shit that’s thrown at us from every angle. So thankful to have such an amazing driven drummer by my side in all this.”

“And you guys!!! You are what gets me out of bed each day, you are what makes me want to better myself. Thank you so so much! I love you all!”

On Facebook, the band wrote:

“First off, we are writing new tunes for you to release down the road. We are early on in the process but we are so proud of these and feel they are some of the best songs we’ve ever written.”

“In addition, we’ve had to part ways with our bassist, Jordan. Due to the nature of this development, we ask that you refrain from reaching out to members directly or speculating on the matter. We want to respect everyone’s privacy in the matter.”

“With that said, we will be auditioning bassists. Bass player auditions requirements: Must have professional gear”

“Must send in videos of them performing songs live. Live performance and appearance is an important part of Dayshell! Songs to film and play are Spit In the Face, Aimless, The Weapon, and Low Light.”

“Email audition videos to:”

“Love, Shayley & Slumby”

Hendredth / Being As An Ocean Tour Bus Up In Flames

This happens every so often but it’s always a sad day when a tour bus catches fire. This happened to Hundredth and Being As An Ocean the other day.

Thankfully, everyone got out unharmed but many belongings were reduced to ashes with the tour bus.

Also, bands such as Too Close To Touch, Issues and Stick To Your Guns were on hand to raise their awareness of the situation.

If you want to support the bands effects, here are the links to Hendredth’s and Being As An Ocean’s merch store.

Foo Fighters Announced UK Show

They’ve just played Glastonbury Festival as headliners and now the Foo’s have revealed they’re playing The 02 in London on September 19th. This is as part of the venue’s tenth birthday anniversary and it will be a chance for fans to hear some new material with their upcoming album, ‘Concrete and Gold’ being released September 15th.

Tickets are on sale now!

Here’s the link.

Sainte Announces Debut EP / First Headlining Shows

Tay Jardine has announced that SAINTE’s new EP will be released this Friday! That is 30th June for those who are wondering.

The EP will be titled Smile, And Wave and you can check out their new single “Eyes are Open” upon pre-order.

And if that’s not enough…. they’ve also announced two UK shows will be their first every headlining shows as SAINTE!


Tonight Alive Post Album Update

Tonight Alive are currently in the studio working on their upcoming album. Everyone is eagerly anticipating what will come out of this experience but it’s looking as if every day they’re drawing closer to finished the recording process.


Turnover Drop Guitarist

Turnover has dropped their Guitarist Eric Soucy following the emotional abuse allegations against him. The band announced that he will not be in the band for the foreseeable future.

Here’s the full statement.

“Hey everyone

Many of you have noticed Eric’s recent absence from the band and we wanted to take a minute to address it before we start sharing new music.

Eric has left the band for the foreseeable future to address personal issues and has been receiving professional counselling related to his personal relationships and emotional abuse allegations made against him. The band agreed this was the best course of action to accept responsibility for this behaviour and to help Eric make personal changes in how he manages his interpersonal relationships.

We are sorry for not addressing this publicly earlier on. We wanted to address the issue directly with Eric in a private space but now realize this wasn’t the right way to go about things. We stand with victims of abuse – always. We are working hard to find real solutions to these issues that force all people in these situations to address their actions and to accept accountability and responsibility for them.”

Apple Asks Music Labels To Take Smaller Cut Of Revenue From Streaming.

Okay this is going to be a rant post.

Earlier The Verge reported that Apple has asked music labels to take a smaller percentage of revenue which it comes to streaming music.

“The record labels’ deals with Apple expire at the end of June, though they are likely to be extended if the parties can’t agree on new terms by then, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

The negotiations would bring Apple closer to the rate Spotify Ltd. pays labels, and allow both sides to adjust to the new realities of the music industry. Streaming services have been a source of renewed hope following a decade of decline in the digital age.”

It seems that they’re wanting more money with this side business the music takes from them so Apple can earn more money. (But this can be seen as them trying to get money back from the highly critical reviews of their touch bar on the Macbook Pro’s). It seems like Apple’s trying to steal what little they’re paying out to labels and in turn the artist’s that are being played from what’s being licensed to on Apple music. But would this soon mean a higher paying rate for the subscription on the consumers part? I hope not.

Thy Art Is Murder Announce New Album

Thy Art Is Murder have announced their new album, titled ‘Dear Desolation!

It’s set to be released August 18th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment and this amazing new track will be on the album:

Check out the insane cover art as well!


And Check out this track listing for this dark looking album.

1. Slaves Beyond Death
2. The Son Of Misery
3. Puppet Master
4. Dear Desolation
5. Death Dealer
6. Man Is The Enemy
7. The Skin Of The Serpent
8. Fire In The Sky
9. Into Chaos We Climb
10. The Final Curtain

Couple Gets ENGAGED At 30 Seconds To Mars Show!

Set your emojis to send off the awww-ness scale as this is an engagement appreciation post!

Recently 30 Seconds To Mars have been on tour but they’ve done something awesome for a fan! They invited them on stage so he could propose to his girlfriend!

It’s always a happy occasion when this happens so I’ll let you guys go aww while you’re watching it.