Pvris’s Lynn Gunn Interviewed Sara of Tegan and Sara

Recently Lynn Gunn has spoken on behalf of the LGBTQ community from her experience of coming out. Now she has teamed up with Sara from Tegan and Sara as they interviewed each other as they’re part of this community as well as their career’s and the music industry.

Here’s what they said:

“I came out to my family when I was 18. I don’t remember there ever being a conversation amongst the band or management regarding me being ‘out,’ but I do remember a big debate in my head that existed for a little while before things with PVRIS fully set sail.”

“I never wanted to compromise in fear of others’ approval, and I recognize the importance of being ‘out’ as far as representation and visibility. [But] the debate existed from a different angle [for me]…”

“I wanted to be ‘out,’ but I wanted it to be the last thing people paid attention to. I didn’t want to be known as a gay woman playing music; I just wanted to be a musician who also just happened to be gay.”

“Initially, when people began to ask me about it, I felt uneasy. Not because I didn’t feel comfortable speaking about my sexuality, but because I always questioned the intentions of the interviewers and the intent behind the questions being asked.”

“However, now more than ever, representation and visibility is absolutely crucial in my opinion, so I feel more than happy to talk about it. As for how I identify, I absolutely love women and have yet to feel the same way about men, so I definitely just identify as gay!”

On the subject of LGBTQ+ visibility and her role in promoting social justice, she added,

“I definitely always recognized the importance of representation and visibility, so it wasn’t even a question as to whether I was to be open with my sexuality or not.. [my] hesitance around it, regarding press and the media, has definitely dissolved.”

“In today’s climate, I think it’s crucial to talk about. As for other public figures, I can’t speak for them because not everyone has been given the same circumstances, so it definitely inspires me, to be involved for those who can’t be, and I hope that can inspire others as well.”

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