Attila’s Fronz To Take On Westboro Baptist Church

Remember when Brendon Urie trolled the Westboro Baptist Church?

Well, the people are rearing their ugly noses to picket the Bonner Springs date of Vans Warped Tour… but Fronz from Attila is ready and waiting!

This is what the Fronz posted.

I personally can’t wait to see what he pulls out his hat to shut these haters down. Obviously, the church should be a place of peace and worship but it comes to a certain point where these followers are hijacking religion to push their own agenda, their own beliefs which aren’t a part of religion today and have no place in society, all the while stuffing this down the younger generations throats to make us believe we are in the wrong. If you think you are, don’t. You’re not in the wrong for having thoughts of bisexuality or homosexuality.

I say, follow your religion, love who you want, be who you want to be and be friends with whoever you want because if we stand united, nobody will ever break us.


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