New Music Videos 8/8/2018

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these and now let’s go for another Music Video Roundup!

The first video is from Brisbane Metalcore group The Brave and their track ‘Ethereal’.


The next video is an emotional piece of work in the form of Too Close To Touch’s The Art of Eye Contact.

Keeping the videos going is Sikth and a track from their upcoming third album which features Spencer Sotelo from Periphery. This is Cracks of Light

Now, this bands video has recruited none other than Frank Iero, this is The Homeless Choir with Crazy from their upcoming release of The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal.

It’s new record galore at the moment and it continues the trend in this next video from Comeback Kid and a new track taken from the band’s record ‘Outsider’. This is Surrender Control.

And the last video of this roundup comes from the legends that are Citizen. This track, ‘Jet’ comes from their forthcoming release ‘As You Please’

Until next time that’s plenty of music video to keep your ears and eyes busy. Playing the post out, here’s Citizen’s Jet.





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