Fall Out Boy Post MANIA To Do List

So have you ever wondered what band’s to do lists look like?

Well, now you don’t have to! This is because Fall Out Boy has posted theirs!

Here it is!

So, give back to Chicago? I think they’ll need to elaborate on that but hopefully, we’ll have an answer soon. My best guess to this is a donation to underfunded music programs. Which now I think about it does sound incredible.

And announce more shows worldwide? I’ve been dying to see Fall Out Boy live since their last track of their last set of their last gig I was in attendance for.

And lastly, build the Maina experience. I want to say I’m excited but also a little concerned it’ll go badly, or just disappointing. Well, I’m not going t judge a book bits’ cover yet. I guess only time will tell for the Mania experience

MANIA is set to drop January 18th via Island/ DCD2 Records

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