Death From Above Announce Third Album, ‘Outrage’

Canadian Punks Death From Above have today announced they’re releasing their third album on September 8th via Last Gang Records/eOne. The record’s title is called ‘Outrage! Is Now’.

The album is produced by Eric Valentine who has produced Slash, Taking Back Sunday, Queens Of The Stone Age) is the band’s first record since they changed their name back to Death From Above (As a result of a legal dispute with DFA Records which meant they became Death From Above 1979).

You can take a look at the album artwork and tracklisting below.


  1.  Nomad
  2. Freeze Me
  3. Caught Up
  4. Outrage! Is Now
  5. Never Swim Alone
  6. Moonlight
  7. Statues
  8. All I C Is U & Me
  9. NVR 4EVR
  10. Holy Books

You can pre-order the album from the band’s website, Itunes, and Amazon.

Thousand Below Detail Debut Album

San Diego rockers Thousand Below have now officially announced their debut album after putting out tracks since the beginning of the year. The record, ‘The Love You Let Too Close’ is set to be released October 6th via Rise Records.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come from their track, ‘No Place Like You’, which is track 10 on the upcoming record.

Here’s the album art.


And here’s the tracklist

  1. Sinking Me
  2. Tradition
  3. Never Here
  4. Sleepless
  5. Carry The Weight
  6. The Love You Let Too Close
  7. Follow Me Home
  8. The Wolf And The Sea
  9. Vein
  10. No Place Like You
  11. Into The Gray

You can pre-order the album via Amazon, MerchNow and Itunes.

Brand New Surprise Release 500 Copies Of New Album To Fans

A few days ago, Brand New revealed they’d be releasing their first new album in eight years and now they’ve done something quite strange,. The band has issued a limited amount of 500 copies out to fans.

The recipients of those CD’s are rumored to be their first 500 pre-orders for this upcoming record. It contained a number, detailing them out of 500, containing one track titled’44.5902N104.7146W’ which compromised of several tracks.

The record also featured a sheet of paper with a piece of cryptic text, ending with dialogue from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and contained this from the script.

“I am unsure what to do from moment to moment. My thoughts are scattered, always. When I see or hear recordings of myself being excited, I am embarraseed, and find myself false and unlikeable. I have realized over time that people close to me identify me as unreliable, and absent, and it is because in times when I am faced with a decision or responsibility that I am unable to shoulder, I isolate myself and ignore attempts at communication from others, instead of explaining my difficulties or asking for help. I am scared of implementing my ideas out of fear that in actuality they will not be perfect, and that they, and I, will subsequently receive harsh judgement. I have outbursts of rage and despair when I am alone. I am attepting to uncreate this reality. I am finding peace in commitment to others, and in hard work, and in the forgiveness that other people show me when they are faced with my faults. Where and when will I die? And then, what will I become? What are the strings that tie me to you, across unknown planes, made of? Or are there even strings? Or am I you? Are you, me?
e4 e5 – Nf3 Nc6 – Bb5 a6 – Ba4 Nf6 – Qe2 b5 – Bb3 Be7 – c3 0-0 – 0-0 d5 -exd5 Nxd5 -Nxe5 Nf4 Qe4 Nxe5 – Qxa8 Qd3 – Bd1 Bh3 14:
Anyways, queen takes pawn… okay?
Bishop takes knight’s pawn.
Huh, lovely move. Um… Rook to king one.
I’m sorry, Frank, I think you missed it. Queen to bishop 3, bishop takes queen, knight takes bishop. Mate.
Huh. Yeah, looks like you’re right. I resign.
Thank you for a very enjoyable game.
Yeah, thank you.
We love you again.”

Eager fans further investigated the coordinates from this track lead to the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

Accompanied by a Shazam search, the album’s title was revealed, citing the title, ‘Science Fiction’ as well as the official artwork which can be seen below.


I have to say, this is a bit of ingenious leaking from the band themselves because they’re effectively getting the word for the album out there through social media.

Check out the tracklisting as well.

  1. Lit Me Up
  2.  Can’t Get It Out
  3. Waste
  4. Same Logic/Teeth
  5. Could Never Be Heaven
  6. 137
  7. Out Of Mana
  8. In The Water
  9. Desert
  10. No Control
  11. 451
  12. Batter Up

And here’s the link for the pre-order from Procrastinate! Music Traitors webstore.

Spotify Removes Hate Music From Its’ Service

YES!!! But I have to wonder how this hasn’t already happened.

Billboard has reported that Spotify has removed some hate music from its streaming service.

At least that’s a victory on societies part so people aren’t exposed to this type of music and another voice of hate silenced in the world.

Billboard broke the news via a Spokeswoman for the music streaming giant saying: “that while the music in its catalog comes from hundreds of thousands of record companies and aggregators all over the world, and those are “at first hand responsible” for the content they deliver, “illegal content or material that favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality or the like is not tolerated by us.”

More canbe found on the original post here.


Weezer Announce Album, Drop New Track

Weezer have announced their new album!

The album will be titled ‘Pacific Daydream’, and is set to drop October 27th via Crush Music / Atlantic Records.

Check out the album art.


The band has also released a new track called, ‘Mexican Fender’ listen below.

You want it? Here’s the link from Weezer’s official website.

My Top 10 Albums Of 2017 (So Far)

I needed a Top 10 list but I wanted to do something which celebrates some great bands who have put out amazing records (in my eyes) this year. So, without further ado, here’s my picks for the Top 10 Albums of 2017 (so far).

10.Frank Carter – Modern Ruin


Starting off with a huge record in the world of punk, a band who needs no introduction; Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. What made this stand out for me was its blend of guitars, rhythm and voice that is Frank Carter which if anything is to go by from their last record, is even more distinct than any other projects he’s been involved with in the past. Adding to the fact that this is a quintessential record for the decade, it’s no surprise the band are a highlight for the UK’s Punk scene.

Listen to: Wild Flowers, Vampires


9. Paramore – After Laughter



Well…. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Paramore’s fifth record after hearing the first single, Hard Times because it wasn’t the same sounding Paramore but the record was loveable all the same. There was a bit of backlash to them in comments such as “another band selling out” but the lyrics are always 100% Paramore and that’s what has always drawn me to their music. Nevertheless, the album is different, energetic and an example of what evolving artists do when the band is as ever changing a group that is…. Paramore.

Listen to: Rose-Colored Boy, Grudges


8. Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift.


I honestly wasn’t sure to expect from a Motionless In White album because personally, I’m a new fan of theirs. Nevertheless, I found Graveyard Shift to be a very interesting album. I found parts not as entertaining to my ears as some fans might, but the focus of the album and emotion remained all the same. Especially on tracks such as Necessary Evil, the band are full of tracks to prove to people that they are worth listening to!

Listen to: Necessary Evil, Loud (Fuck It)

7. Linkin Park – One More Light


Firstly, may I say I hope Chester Bennington is resting peacefully and thank him and the other members of Linkin Park for creating this record. At times, this record felt very emotional. I listen to the lyrics of some tracks such as Heavy (feat. Kiiara) and on that first listen I don;’t think much but when a friend mentions this track later, I read the lyrics again and again and then again with the music playing, following the lyrics as it goes and wonder think it puts a lot into perspective of Chester’s state of mind at that time in his life. What’s more though is the record which is a gift to the fans of Linkin Park and one which will always be with us.

Listen to: Heavy. Invisible

6. Vuokvi


Scottish? Check. Rock? Check? Female Fronted Band? They might just be one of the best newcomers to the scene at the moment. Starting from their opening track; La Di Da it shows energy, perseverance and above all, a punchy debut for the Scottish rockers. Having been on the music scene since 2011, they’ve learned and learned to make a stand out album and armed with tracks such as Weirdo, it shows the fans just what they can produce from their experience.

Listen to: La Di Da, Weirdo

5. Counterfeit


So can an actor who has appeared in a Hollywood musical make a great Punk album? The short answer yes! It seems that anything is possible in the world of punk for counterfeit and to be honest, with Frank Carter, they’re up there for another album of the decade. Just take the track For The Thrill Of It as an example. It’s punchy, great vocals and a breakdown the Foo Fighters would kill to have on their music! But as a statement about it being something bigger and better to come from these newcomers? Maybe.

Listen to: For The Thrill Of It, Romeo, As Yet Untitled

4. The Gospel Youth


Rising rockers, The Gospel Youth are quite high on the list? Why is that? Oh because they made one hell of an album. I had it on repeat for a few days because I couldn’t get enough of it. The lyrics combined with the rhythm of the what the band creates blend together splendidly into all tracks to show England what they’re made of. And with a co-headlining tour alongside Milestones, they’ll show the venue’s of England exactly what this album can do!

Listen to: Wildfire, Gin and Black Coffee, Moods Like English Weather

3. Creeper


With the weirdness in an almost Blair Witch like disappearance out of the way, Southampton Horror group Creeper release Eternity, In Your Arms. This is a record unlike any other on the list because it’s from a group unlike any other. There are some different approaches which may seem odd in today’s rock world such as the added keyboard element to the track Black Rain. It makes the band in a way sound mysterious in an effort to surpass the expectations of the listener but if one thing’s for certain, the record is anything but ordinary.

Listen to: Black Rain, Suzanne

2. K.Flay


Possibly the most alternative artist on this list comes from K.Flay who sounds more R’n’B than anything but this is where the heart of the album comes from and it’s because of this, which is what makes it a great album. What makes the record is the blend of lyrics which sound quite confessional and non-restrictive accompanied with the sound on the track of Blood In The Cut to make it an edgy track to match the record which invites us in for more.

Listen to: Blood In The Cut, You Felt Right

Just Missing Out


You Me At Six – Night People


Night people wasn’t the best by some fans standards. Sure it had some great tracks such as Plus One which a few months on is a track I believe will be huge for them looking back on the album as a whole and Give which perfectly played out the album but as a whole it wasn’t a Sinners, it wasn’t Cavelier Youth and some tracks I felt were a bit mismatched in perspective to what the record was as a whole. How it will age though, is an entirely different question but this album just misses out on my top 10.

Listen to: Give, Plus One

1.As It Is – Okay


For me, this has just been the undeniable album of the year. A really strong sounding album where the lyrics are relatable to fans everywhere along with a concept through it’s driven music videos of “Pretty Little Distance’s” American Dance, as well as the apologetic “Hey Rachel” videos shows that As It Is are a force to be reckoned with only two albums into their musical career. I saw the band perform the title track Okay on what was one or their first shows with the track and their set absolutely transformed the sound of the show where it was probably their most honest lyrically sounding track as well as performance to date.

Check out: Hey Rachel, No Way Out, Okay

Roam Tease New Music

With As It Is, Frank Carter and You Me At Six all having new records in 2017 we have to look to where others are teasing.

Now we turn our attention to Roam. They’re set to support New Found Glory on their upcoming UK tour in September but it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from their camp, excluding the tour news.

Now, the band are starting to tease new music in the form of this tweet.

Four days from now, so I assume this is going to be the first play of a new track. Radio 1 maybe? I guess we’ll find out on Sunday.

Also, here’s the list of dates supporting New Found Glory and the albums New Found Glory will be playing in full on the tour.


20th – Cardiff Tramshed (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Not Without A Fight’)
21th – Oxford Academy (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
22th – Norwich UEA (‘Sticks And Stones + ‘Catalyst’)
23th – London Forum (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
25th – Portsmouth Pyramids (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Not Without A Fight’)
27th – Glasgow ABC (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
28th – Newcastle Academy (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
29th – Manchester Academy (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
30th – Birmingham Academy (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)


02nd – Leeds Academy (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
03rd – Nottingham Rock City (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
05th – Bristol Academy (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
06th – London Forum (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
07th – London Electric Ballroom (‘Catalyst’ + ‘Not Without A Fight’)
08th – London Underworld (‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ + ‘Coming Home’)

Twenty One Pilots Hint At New Album?

Twenty-One Pilots are getting very mysterious. Is this the sign of a new album?

Spotted by fans, there are numbers of clues. First, if you go to their official website and using Google Chrome, right click on the image and search for it, you’ll get a message that says “don’t do that again” and if you search for the image again, the word “light” appears. I tried this or myself and ohhhh it works!!

If you do this method for the other images, you get other results but could these be the names of the next album? Hopefully we’ll hear news of this soon!


Brand New Announce New Album

It seems a long time since Brand New brought out a new album, around eight years now. Now! That’s quite a while!

Although now, the band have announced they’re releasing their fifth album on a “very limited” vinyl this October.

Here’s the pre-order link.