Martyr Defiled Are Calling It A Day

After a decade together as a band, British death metal band Martyr Defiled have announced they’re parting ways.

Since their beginning, the band has released two EP’s and Three albums in ten years with their latest effort last year, the full-length album ‘Young Gods’,

Before they retire the band, however, they have confirmed they’re putting together two tours. The first will be in November 2017 to celebrate the ten years anniversary of their first practice and their second in February 2018 for the ten year anniversary of their first live show.

Here’s a full statement from Martyr Defiled.

“After 10 amazing years, we have decided to call an end to Martyr Defiled. This is a decision that has taken a lot of soul-searching and heartfelt conversations to come to, but as a group of people we’ve come to the conclusion that as we’ve grown up we’re able to dedicate less and less time to the band; much less than it deserves, and infinitely less than you deserve.

When we started writing tunes together in November 2007 at Junktion7 in Nottingham we could never imagined how far our music would travel – playing shows in Australia, America, Europe and even the UK was a dream for us and to make that a reality has been a privilege and we’ll treasure the memories and friends we’ve made for the rest of our lives.

We’ve had our rough times and our high times, but the strength to carry on through it all has always come from you: the fans of Martyr Defiled. We’ll never truly be able to repay the faith you’ve put in us and the time/money you’ve invested in us – from buying t-shirts to donating to our gofundme in what was our darkest hour as a band, we will be eternally grateful to all of you.

We must mention the people that have helped us over the years; so thank you to Gavin Burton, Steph Van Spronsen at Live Nation, Chris Hall, Jamie Graham at Sumerian Records, Daniel Owen of Nemesis Design, Jamie Farrell of TDON Records, Toyan St. Hilaire of Artery Management, Maarten Janssen of Loud Noise Booking, Jonathan Almond of Rock n Roll, Daniel DeFonce of Continental Booking, the boys at Boris The Blade, Thomas Cronin, Shaun Hodson, Zak Pinchin, Stu Smith; there are so many more, and they know who they are.

We are in the process of putting together 2 final tours – one in November 2017 to celebrate ten years since our first practice and one in February 2018 to celebrate ten years since our first show. We’ll try to get to as many of our fans and friends as possible; we hope to see you at a show for one last time. We hope to announce those tours in the coming weeks.

Thank you for everything,
Matt, Richard, Arron, Lee and Ryan.”

More news on these final shows will be confirmed as they’re announced.

Their latest album, ‘Young Gods’, can be purchased via Amazon, their BigCartel Store, Google Play and Itunes.

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