Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Cancel U.S Tour

Oh no! Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes have had to postpone their upcoming US tour. This comes after the band postponed their European dates so their vocalist Frank Carter could concentrate on his mental health.

This is what Frank has said about the postponement.

“When life handed her lemons, Beyoncé made lemonade…

“Unfortunately for me, I’m not quite sure what life has handed me just yet.

“Having cancelled four weeks of touring in Europe to focus on figuring out some problems in my life, I had hoped that it would be sufficient enough time to get myself in a good space to then get back on the road.

“The reality is, some things take time. The situation I am in is progressing towards a positive resolve but as I don’t know when that will be regrettably we are going to have to CANCEL OUR SHOWS IN NORTH AMERICA in October so that I can spend my time here with my family to make sure that progress is made.

You can read his full statement via Facebook below.

‘Modern Ruin’, the band’s latest album is out now via International Death Cult.

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