Ash Costello On Trolls. “They Don’t Live Under Bridges, They Hide Behind Computers”.

New Year’s Day’s Ash Costello doesn’t shy away when it comes to talking about the haters but that’s another reason we love her. She took to Instagram recently to address trolls on the internet. The post has since been taken down but this is what she put alongside the post.

“Trolls don’t live under bridges, they hide behind computers.

Don’t ever feed the negativity online.

Report. Block. Delete. Don’t engage.

Don’t be that person. Choose kindness. ALWAYS choose kindness.

There’s nothing funny or cool about wasting your time and energy on trolling.

If you own a troll account, re-evaluate yourself and how you’re spending your time. Cause I promise, you’re wasting it.”


I couldn’t agree with you more Ash! We need more people like yourself in the scene and genre of Rock today. I know that myself and your fans will always have your back in times like these.

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