Decade Part Ways With Dan Clarke

After ten years together, endless touring and two studio albums, Decade have announced that they’re parting ways with their drummer, Dan Clarke

This comes after their tours supporting You Me At Six and another which is upcoming with Deaf Havana.

Below is the band’s full statement on the departure.


“Dan Clarke. AKA Darnel AKA Beans AKA Catfood Clarke AKA Danny fuckin’ Duckegg.

Where do you start with such a legend?

Should probably start with the sad news; Dan’s life has taken a change in direction and he’ll no longer be actively playing music with the band.

Anyone who knows or has followed us over the years will know what this guy has had to put up with; mostly sitting in confined spaces for inhumane lengths of time with 4 relentlessly awful blokes all the while living on a shoestring.

The 9 years we’ve spent ripping it with this guy have been unforgettable. The stories we’ve got between us are endless. We surely wouldn’t have made anywhere near the progress we have without Dan’s contribution and sacrifice.

An effortlessly talented musician and an absolutely god-tier friend whom we have nothing but love and the best of wishes for in the future.

We’ll be continuing our touring schedule for the rest of the year supporting You Me At Six and Deaf Havana with the help of some great friends on the tubs, and plans to release new music in 2018 have not been affected.

Onwards and upwards (and sometimes sideways).

Alex, Connor, Harry & Joe.”


The band will be bringing in some friends to fill in for Clarke but a permanent replacement is yet to be confirmed. Any more developments and I’ll be sure to post when I know.

Decade’s most recent record, ‘Pleasantries’ is available now via Rude Records.


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