Hit The Lights Gives Update On Their Future

Hit The Lights have posted an update on the status of their future as a band. The Full statement can be read below.

“Since we released the single “Anthem” back in May, many people asked if we were still with Pure Noise Records. The answer is that we’ve concluded our contract with Pure Noise Records and are no longer part of their current roster. This is completely amicable, and in all honesty, Pure Noise is a huge part of the reason we are still a band today.

We began recording demos at King Sound Studio with our good friend and producer Rick King. The intent was to shop songs around to labels, but, feeling that so much time had passed from our last release, we decided to put out “Anthem” to quell our impatience. After the release of “Anthem,” we saw the reaction and support from so many people, and it was inspiring!

We realised that throughout our existence as this band, we’ve made so many connections and friends in this business – maybe all we ever needed has been right in front of us the whole time. HTL will probably never headline arenas. We’ll probably never win a grammy or even sell a million singles. But we’re still here because when fans have the chance, they support us. People are still listening. That is our truth, and in that truth there’s freedom.”

They have also revealed that they have joined forces with Rick King to start King Sound and will be releasing a new single every month.

“People will have the ability to download songs early by purchasing special edition items though our online stores and investing money in us to continue this venture. We’ll be working out the kinks as we go, but the beautiful thing is whatever people decide to do – even down to just streaming our songs – you’re LITERALLY investing in us.”

You can listen to a short clip of their single, ‘Believe In Me’ which is set to be released October 27th below.


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