Worker Wore Slipknot Mask To A Play Area

Oh no. Thing’s didn’t go down well when a member of staff at a Kent adventure park wore a replica mask of Corey Taylor’s Slipknot Mask.

According to one parent, he, “He walked around the tables and then was accompanied by a rather graphic skeleton zombie character into the actual soft play area where the children were a lot of children were crying and visibly upset,” wrote parent Charlotte Nolan.

The worker was wearing a replica of Corey Taylor’s mask from the ‘All Hope Is Gone’ era.

The owner of the park did apologize and also called for the people to stop leaving his staff abusive comment online.

Here, it comes to a point where you can think; oh this is absurd, appalling for our children. Yes, this may be the case but all you ask is that the company would apologise to the parents and that it wouldn’t happen again. But leaving abusive comments toward staff is the exact same thing as say, trolling celebrities online. It just isn’t on because they’re victimising the staff, making them feel vulnerable and making them feel unsafe at their place of work. With hindsight, the parents should’ve expected that some of the workers would wear something scary because of the fact it’s Halloween. Trying to censor what people wear or curb their choices is victimising them for no reason. There’s no law saying that you can’t wear this but all there is for the matter is common sense. Especially since the park has previously warned parents if their staff will be dressed like monsters then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that workers would wear this.


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