Bring Me The Horizon To Release Greatest Hits Compilation

It’s been 13 years since British rockers known as Bring Me The Horizon first released any material! Now the band has announced that they’ll release a compilation record for their early era.

The title will be: ‘Bring Me The Horizon: 2004-2013’ is a selection of their tracks from the first nine years of their career.

Set for a release date of November 24th 2017 with a limited vinyl edition is available on February 9th 2018. Below is the artwork.


And below is the tracklisting.

1. Traitors Never Play Hangman
2. Pray For Plagues
3. Diamonds Aren’t Forever
4. The Sadness Will Never End
5. Chelsea Smile
6. The Comedown
7. Blessed With A Curse
8. It Never Ends
9. Don’t Go
10. Crucify Me
11. Shadow Moses
12. Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake
13. Can You Feel My Heart
14. Sleepwalking
15. Antivist

You can pre-order the record on Itunes, Amazon and the band’s Webstore.


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