Music Videos 8/12/17

It’s time for another round of music videos!! Let’s get things going.

First up is The Xcerts who have shared a new video for their new single Hold On To Your Heart. It’s the title track for their upcoming record, which is set to drop January 19th.


Next up is Too Close To Touch and a track they have described as, “‘ a dark song that was cathartic for us to write,”. This is Before I Cave In.


Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes, the supergroup featuring members of Finch and Senses Fail, have released a new video for their track,  ‘Drowning On The Sidewalk Or Dying Inside’.
It celebrates all things Stranger Things and is full of easter eggs.


Next up is the Punk 4-piece Weekend Recovery who have dropped their the video for their latest single, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’.


Now let’s go for a Danish group. This is Alcabean and the video for Bloody Pose.


Just because Linkin Park isn’t on the radar at this moment, doesn’t mean they’ve stopped giving fans music or videos. Below is a live video for Crawling.


And let’s continue with the live videos. Remember that huge show Don Broco did when they played Alexandria Palace? Well,  here what went down in the video for T-shirt song.


Let’s make it a third video for live videos. Ever wanted to see what a Papa Roach gig is like, then check out Born For Greatness below!


Let’s go for one more live video but make it a cover. Good Charlotte paid tribute to Lil Peep at his memorial service in covering Awful Things. May he rest in peace in a touching cover to the fallen star.


And lastly let’s go for a new track. On Monday Boston Manor dropped their new track, Drowned In Gold. Speaking about it, Henry Cox said: “’Drowned in Gold’ is about people being followers; people who never question anything & surround themselves with trivialities and mundanity.”


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