All Time Low Confirm Support

Since Pierce The Veil dropped out of their support slot for All Time Low’s upcoming UK tour, fans have been wondering who’s going to be joining the band on tour. They have confirmed Creeper will be their supporting band on their March tour but….. they will also be playing an additional set before Creeper play and will be playing ‘so Wrong, It’s Right’ in full!

So that’s All Time Low, Creeper and All Time Low. Sweet!

Here are the dates:


12th – Glasgow SECC

14th – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

15th – Birmingham Genting Arena

16th – Manchester Arena

17th – London Alexandra Palace


One Of King 810’s Videos Has Been Removed From Youtube After Being Labelled ‘Hate Speech’.

This is something I didn’t expect today.

The video for ‘Killem All’ by the band King 810 has been blocked on Youtube because the website has been described as a ‘Hate Speech’

Vocalist David Gunn posted the following message to Instagram.

“Logged into YouTube this morning to this tragedy. YouTube claiming to encourage free speech but removing content they arbitrarily pin as “hate speech.” This is music and artistic expression.

The song and video are social commentary. Youtube you would not even exist as a company if they removed all things anyone may consider “hate speech.”

We as a people have made this a very large very rich company. I understand this is a for profit company with a policy and an agenda but its a bit dangerous when giants like Youtube and @google censor information and art only to expose us to cherry picked pieces consistent with their own views. Especially when we rely on them from day to day.

This is something people should be aware and concerned about.”

Deaf Havana Announce Special Show

It’s their first show of 2018 and it will be a special one as Deaf Havana will be playing WarChild’s Brits Week 2018.

Their set will include reworked versions of their tracks with the help of London Contemporary Voices and the Parallax Orchestra at London’s Union Chapel on February 23rd.


Tickets go on sale January 19th at 9AM.


Tonight Alive: Disapear Review

Is this the beginning of a great Tonight Alive record? Well, their previous single Temple would suggest something energetic and exciting. Disappear (Feat. Lynn Gunn) is something of a more refined sound than anything we’ve heard off the band. The only tracks that come close in comparison is that of “We Are” from Limitless or “Safe And Sound” from What Are You So Scared Of. That’s not to say this is bad because the lyrics reflect the true nature because of their emotional depth. If this is something of a different direction for the group, then I’m interested to see how far this goes for them.

Rating: 3/5


They’ve just dropped the video for the single tonight which is viewable below.



Tonight Alive’s newest record Underworld is set to drop January 12th 2018.

Live Review: Can’t Swim @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank – 2/12/17

Support: Eat Defeat, Microwave

They’re just about to be playing with Creeper on their latest headlining tour for the Theatre of Fear but it’s all punk tonight at the Think Tank. Having a pretty decent chat with the band before the show, everything was set for Can’t Swim. They’re pumped to be back on UK Soil and ready to play some great music to the people.

Eat Defeat open to a lacklustre crow but it doesn’t matter to them. Their set wasn’t terrible but had some good moments. They were maybe opening a touch too soon as they’re probably as underappreciated as Microwave was for the duration of their set. Next time they return, however, they will rise to the occasion of a better crowd.

With Can’t Swim though, there was telling that tracks such as 50,000,000 and God Awful were better than they anticipated where this blend of Punk matched their vision of what they wished to achieve tonight.  The band might only be a few years old but the tidings of which are coming to fruition. Coming across where this might have been a difficult gig for them, it’s one small in comparison to what they were opening Creeper for where if this is a taste of what they’re set to accomplish, then I can’t wait to hear what they have planned next.

Rating: 3/5


Live Review Roam @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank – 9/12/17

Support: Stand Atlantic, WSTR

During Roam’s set, it’s no doubt they’re in their prime. Great Heights & Nosedives, the band’s seconds record dropped just a few months ago to some great fan reaction spilling off “Alive”, it’s no doubt this is now a make or break them tour for the band.

The refreshing sound of their opening band, Stand Atlantic who’s first time touring outside their native Australia is welcomed by everyone who came down early for their set. There seemed to be a little under-appreciation at for the up and comers but a few tracks into their set gave them time to adapt to their new surrounding and make the crowd their own. More than that, give them some time though and they’ll return to recapture the room.

Moving to the Punkier set of WSTR and that is a whole other story. They commanded their room with their newest tracks, which meant everyone was off the floor for a certain point of the gig which compared to some bands support were pale in comparison. They, similarly to Roam are one and the same this year, taking their time, showing the audience why they deserve to be listened to and are undoubtedly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Enter Roam and there was no doubt the night was theirs. It’s no doubt they’re gearing up for a busy year, having just come off back to back tours, supporting New Found Glory and now their headline shows, it’s a crime to say they’re not entertaining.  Their mix of the old and new is commendable with tracks such as Flatline and Hopeless Case being quite well received from their newly structured setlists but their expectations for the future are always going to be larger now they’ve conquered the UK. It’s clear now that Roam have kept themselves reserved up until now because it’s a version of the band that have them replenished before taking on the world and we’re all invited for the ride.




The Maine Are Launching A Podcast

A new year means new resolutions and new ventures.

That’s what’s in store for The Maine as their drummer, Pat Kirch and bassist Garrett Nickelsen will be launching their official 8123 Podcast which will feature “random topics each week, interviewing friends and other bands.”

They’ve also recorded a special hour long chat about “13’s Forever Halloween’.