A Conversation With… Lizzy Farrall

Leeds Key Club. 26/01/18

Right, this is my first gig of the year at Leeds Key Club. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with members of Seaway and Woes before this, but now my attention turns to the Acoustic Rock of Seaway’s label mate, the melodic acoustic perfection that is Lizzy Farrall. Having already listened to her new EP; All I Said Was Never Heard, there is plenty already being said about this up and coming Singer/Songwriter.


Hey Lizzy, how’s it going?

“It’ going really good, yeah, you?”


It’s not too bad, it could be a bit warmer in here. And we’re here at the Key Club in Leeds tonight as you are opening for Seaway on their UK tour, how’s the last few dates been for you?

“Last night was probably one of the best so far, the crowd was amazing, and they were actually singing my songs which is quite surreal for me.”


On that, the new EP, All I Said Was Never Heard, which dropped last week, how does it feel to have that out in the world now?

“It’s such a relief, I’ve been sat on the songs for about two years now, so it’s been quite a while and the response has been absolutely amazing. All the press has been lovely and I’ve not seen a bad word so far, which is really nice. ”


I’ve been listening to it for the last few days and Broken Toy has to be my favourite track off it/ Is that going to be on the setlist tonight?

“Yes, I’ll be playing the entirety of the EP.”


 It must be nice to have a set list you can go X to Y and have no problems with.

“Yeah, I have enough songs out now so that’s great to have that problem out of the way. ”


And I’ve seen a few posts online saying that the EP is a diary of your life growing up, is that true?

“Basically, I suffer from Anxiety and similar sort of mental health issues while I was growing up and I wrote songs to cope, that was just my mechanism. I would sing and write songs until I was blue in the face and felt okay, it’s just what I did to cope. ”


And was it difficult sharing your life through your music?

“Because, it was so natural for me to use my songs as coping mechanisms, realistically it’s not been hard. I’ve always felt like I can’t sing songs which I can’t connect with, so for this, I found it easy because I connect with them and I don’t think everyone slightly understands what I’m singing about so I don’t feel that everyone knows what I’ve been through. It feels good though, whenever I’m on stage, it’s another big relief and getting everything out.”


As long as they can read between some of the lines. And on the tour, you’re opening for Seaway, how did that come about?

“Well, me and Seaway are both on the same record label, Pure Noise Records, so basically it was my label and my booking agent put it all together and they said we want you to go tour with Seaway and they seem to take everyone on the label, the newcomers out. They’re like the big brothers of the label, we’ll show you the ropes sort of thing.”


As long as they’re being the good role models we know they are.

“From what I’ve seen, they are”.


I mean there’s obviously going to be some joking around, I mean they’re a Pop-Punk band

“yeah, there’s got to be some differences in there.”


Considering you’re from the UK and they come from Canada, they’d notice you say a few things differently to them sometimes. Like Tea, Coffee.

“Absolutely, I just love the accent but it’s strange when you actually see how we pronounce different words from each other, it’s mad.”


And last year you opened up the Uprawr stage for Slam Dunk Festival, what do you recall about that?

“To be fair, Leeds was the best date on that. Honestly that show, was one of the best I’ve ever played and hopefully, tonight will up it a little bit.”


Considering you’re just around the corner from where you played as well.

“Well, I played in Popworld so yeah, I actually went round to get a picture outside for the nostalgia.”

It’s something you just have to do, for the nostalgia.


Now you’re with Pure Noise Records, what’s your experience been like with them?

“They’re a lovely bunch, absolutely lovely. I’ve been a big fan of them since I signed and I’ve always listened to all the artists on their label, I’ve got respect for them. They’re really understanding of what I want to do which is to help me with my ideas and get me out to the world really.”


Fantastic, and after the tour what are your plans for the rest of 2018?

“Well, it’s all a bit hush hush at the moment sadly, just keep your eyes on social media for a bit and watch out for me.“


Moving on from the tour and label talk, what is one of the first gigs you recall going to?

“ Oh, it’s not really bad but a little embarrassing, my first gig was Girls Aloud.”


Oh, don’t worry, everyone is going to have their embarrassing moments.

“ It was my first gig at Liverpool Echo Arena. I went through a really funny stage at that time where I didn’t want to listen to anything my family listened to. My mum and dad, brother and sister were all into good music and I was there, you know what? I’m going to listen to chart music because that’s not what they listen to so I traded Keane tickets to see Girls Aloud. To be fair they put on one hell of a show and I loved it at the time. I can’t really regret it that much.”


It’s your music taste, you shouldn’t apologise for it.

“To be fair I was jamming to Sound of the Underground the other day.”


Just Because

“of course.”


You never know, you could open with it one night.

“ or if I ever get onto Live Lounge maybe.”


I’ll hold you to that.


You can find Lizzy Farrall’s music on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow her through social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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