A Conversation With… Patrick Carleton (Seaway)

Leeds Key Club 12/01/18.

This is a very special start to the new year as I was given the opportunity to Interview the legendary Patrick Carleton of Seaway! A quick listen to some of their older music and new material meant I was instantly hooked from the Pop-Punk vibes! Immediately, I knew I’d enjoy chatting with him. The band’s most recent release: Vacation has seen them grow to new heights, and if their shows are anything to go by, then it’s no wonder these guys are widely loved! Patrick plays guitar and shares some vocal duties within the group and I sat down for a chat with him about their pretty hectic schedule for the start of 2018 as well as the latest record!




Hey Patrick, how is the tour going so far?

“It’s going pretty well, it’s only three shows in but everything’s been smooth. The first show was a little rough because we flew in and literally got off the plane and headed straight to the venue for the first show, so we were all pretty jetlagged, but it went alright.”


And has there been any memorable moments from the last two days?

“Last night’s show, in general, was amazing. We played the Bodega in Nottingham and we did it once before supporting Knuckle Puck and that was in the same venue, but just being there and having that much crazier of a crowd, it was definitely an experience.”


And on the tour, you’re bringing out Lizzy Farrall and Woes, how did you guys decide to bring them with you for this tour?

“Our agents pitched them and so we checked them out. We’re really big fans of both of them and they’re both really good artists who just came together for us. “


The tour is in support of the latest record, Vacation. How’s the reaction been to the tracks you’ve played so far?

“The reception on Vacation has been incredible, beyond all of our expectations for sure and we’re really excited to be playing these new songs. They’re all still really fresh so it’s really fun seeing all the people singing along, even to the ones that aren’t singles, the deeper cuts are pretty amazing so we’re all really happy with them.”




And which of those deeper cuts have you really enjoy playing on the tour?

“I would say my favourite would be Car Seat magazine. That wasn’t one of the singles but we decided to put it into the rotation and the reception has been amazing and it’s just a really fun song to play. “


“Is there anything about the record that nobody knows about, I’ve seen one or two posts going around on social media that have said different things.”

“In regards to what?”


The music or the lyrics, what hidden layers to the meanings are there?

“Off the top of my head, Lula, which is a song about taking your dog to the beach. It was the first song we all wrote together as a band from beginning to end and we did pre-production outside of Boston with Alan Day from Four Year Strong. We were literally living in the studio for about two weeks and we just started writing the guitar and it all came together and when we started this at about midnight, we said let’s just write, I figure it’s how we settled on the dog thing but we all just pitched in line by line and it was an interesting experience because normally it’ll be one person either writing an entire song or a big chunk of a song and bring it to the rest  of the group but were all held up together and we just  put this song together in a matter of hours and it ended up being one of our best songs and we all love it.”


 Speaking of working with other musicians, if you could work with one band or person you haven’t with before, who would it be?

“Like collaborate with? Do a song together?”




Yeah, excluding Knuckle Puck and Four Year Strong.

“Hmm, out of any band? I think it would be pretty cool to work with The Killers. And I’m saying that because I literally just saw them in Toronto and it was like the best show I’ve ever seen. And Brandon Flowers is an amazing songwriter, so that would be pretty cool.”

That is one answer I never really expected.


After this headline run, you go back across the pond to support Neck Deep’s mammoth US tour, how do you feel to be a part of that?

“We’re all really excited to be a part of that. It came together really randomly and it’s cool because we didn’t really have anything planned for this tour. Oh sorry, we did have something planned. We had an entire headline tour we had to move around. We were really excited about this tour coming together because we knew we’d still be able to do our US headliner, we could do it whenever we want so it was cool to be able to throw that into the mix as well.”


And it’s the day after the UK tour finishes isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s the only thing. It’s kind of a bummer because we had to cut our Germany dates that we’re doing at the end of this tour. We literally do the last date in London and fly out the next day and if anything delayed or if anything goes wrong, we’re going to miss our set because we land in Los Angeles and we hit the road and head to the venue and everything will be set up for us because we’ve got our tour manager driving our van tomorrow. He’s heading to LA and they’re going to have everything set up for us, so it should be that we go from the airport and walk onto the stage so it’s going to be messy, but we’ll make it work.”




So where are you looking forward to playing the most?

“Um, basically the whole west coast and Seattle, Portland, LA, love playing the New York area. New York and Boston shows are sold out and it’ll also be fun going up to Canada because we love playing there. We’ll get to play our hometown; Toronto, Calgary. Those are a couple of my favourite spots.”


After the tours and you’ve managed to schedule your headline US tour, what else do you have planned for 2018?

“We’re kind of working on it right now, we’ve got stuff we can’t really announce yet.”


A bit of mystery there.

“Yeah, there’s the mystery but we can’t say much about it.”


I’m daring to ask but I’ll restrain myself there. I have one more question for you. In 2017, except for the release of the record, what was the highlight for you as a band?

“Hmm. I can’t even remember, what did we do in 2017? I mean I guess because it was most recent, our holiday show. It was our second-holiday show which was such a party. We had all of our friends come out supporting and it was a blast. We did the same venue the year before and it didn’t quite sell out so selling it out this time was nice and maybe next year we’ll move it to a bigger venue. ”


Watch Seaway’s latest video for their track, ‘London’ below.


You can find Seaway’s music on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow them through their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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