Black Veil Brides Were Denied Entry To Canada

Now, this is a strange one. Black Veil Brides have been denied entry to Canada while they were on their tour with Asking Alexandria and Crown The Empire. On February 26th they couldn’t get across the border to play Vancouver.


This is their statement.

“This morning we arrived at the Canadian border in order to gain access to a country that we have not only played countless shows in but also recorded an album and spent a great deal of time in over the years. Instead, several members of our tour were denied entry, berated and treated with utter contempt by the agents on duty.

We have been touring internationally for a decade and have never experienced such a lack of civility at any border crossing or passport control in any country we have ever visited. We have a fantastic relationship with our Canadian fans and it’s with a very heavy heart that we must share that tonight’s show in Vancouver will be cancelled.

Asking Alexandria will continue on and still perform tonight as scheduled. We encourage everyone to still go to the show and have a great time. Refunds can be obtained at the point of purchase, thank you for your understanding and we promise to return again as soon as possible.”




Jake Pitts took to Instagram to explain it further.

“Of all the years touring, we have never witnessed such hostile and aggressive behavior from border patrol agents.

Don’t worry though, we are all fine and everyone in the band is ok. Nobody is in trouble, nobody did anything wrong, the border agents were just very unreasonable and for whatever reason wanted to make it hell for us. We are very bummed we cannot be there to perform for everyone who was expecting to see us tonight.

We love all our Canadian supporters and I hope we are able to come back soon to make it up for you! Our boys in @askingalexandria and @crowntheempire will still be performing, so feel free to go support them and have an awesome night, otherwise you can seek a refund at the point of purchase. We will see you again soon.”



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