Live Review: Marmozets @ Riverside, Newcastle

Riverside, Newcastle, 09-02-18

Support: Queen Zee

Wow. Marmozets just proved they were back. I’ve been following this group for a number of years now and after their second record dropped I thought okay, this can’t get any better. I was completely wrong! Marmozets are back in full force now and the sky’s the limit on just what they can do.

Although they’ve been away a few years after a few complications, this date was part of Marmozet’s third headlining UK tour in less than a year. From the outset, it just shows that the band are hungry for more touring and non-stop mayhem on stage. Newcastle’s a city that’s always been kind to them so it was no surprise that they’d storm their set on the night.

Opening up the night was the amazing support set from Queen Zee. Initial thoughts before the set were that there’s not going to be much to this band and I can just relax through this set. But I was completely mesmerised by the band. I thought, hey massive cheers to Marmozets for bringing out someone new but the raw energy that came out of this set was almost unfiltered. This is a band the scene desperately needs to hear right now, not because of gender, but because this is a group that needs to be heard. The way they feed off of everyone was just in a way that I haven’t seen in a while and it’s always good to see a new rocking band who deserve to be out there more.

Now, I saw Marmozets perform in Middlesbrough on their last UK tour. Now that was good, but this performance in Newcastle was so much better. Their showmanship, sound and performance by everyone in the band just felt like a raw energy that they just couldn’t be rid of. It felt they were a steady form of energy and they just kept giving and giving to the point of which they wanted to perform more. I had to leave about three-quarters of the way through for the train but found a live link and watched it while I was travelling back home. Following this tour, they’re in America for a run of dates before coming back to the UK for another run of headlining dates. You don’t need to ask them do you want to play a show because I think they’ll be playing shows more than they have off days for this year and by the time the festival season comes, they’ll be up high on the standing where we can only cheer and get in those moshpits faster than move, shake hide comes kicks into their set.

Is this the best version of Marmozets yet? No. I’m only saying that because they’ve proven they can up themselves with every record they release and tour they play. If they continue the way they are, there isn’t anything they can’t do as a band. Especially with tracks such as ‘Born Young & Free’ or more recently ‘Run With The Rhythm’ or ‘Habits’, the sky is literally the limit and who knows? The next tour will bring their legions of fans back again for more! Marmozets are now above all else, a force to be reckoned with. They’re a product of the British scene that’s as important as anyone and you can expect them to be around for a long time.


Rating: 7/10


Queen Zee



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