Live Review: Waterparks @ Stylus, Leeds

Stylus, Leeds. 03-03-18

Support: Dead!, Patent Pending

Now, before I write this post I have to say this one almost didn’t happen because of the weather in the UK at the moment. Trains were cancelled/delayed on the day and made it a little difficult for me to go down. There was also an interview with a member of the supporting band which will be up in due course. That’s another story because of delayed emails on both fronts. Nevertheless, I got there and got to see all bands on the lineup!

Waterparks are one of the most exciting bands coming through the scene right now. Their newest record, ‘Entertainment’ was a revelation to fans all over the world and has set them up to have possibly the best record of 2018 so far. Backed up with videos and their ever-growing star power, the Texans brought their new record to Leeds for the growing number of fans at the Stylus.

Dead! were the badass lads you’d expect them to be. Having put out a record of their own, ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’ back at the end of January, they showcase just what that album represents, ballsy punk music and ambition because if they continue on this trajectory for a little while longer, it’ll be them on that headlining slot. Also, the set just proves how much fun the band can be on stage when the slicing guitar riffs and hard pounding drums intertwine to compliment their emphatic lyrics to a pretty almost full pit.

Moving to Patent Pending, it’s almost as if the band had never left! I mean the last we saw them was Spring Break 2017 and that was a party and a half! This time was no different. Storming into their set, they showcase just how much fun a band can have on tour. All Pop-Punk bands will have a competition embedded into their set in the near future and they’re no different. Patent Pending’s is the UK Swimming. I won’t go into it too much but I’ll just say their frontman Joe won! With tracks such as ‘Psycho In Love’ and ‘Classic You’ (sung with Geoff Wigington of Waterparks) at their disposal, fans every will flock back no matter what. Also, a stage such as the Stylus is one fit for these princes of the genre. With the bands syncronised dancing and the emotional words from Joe Ragosta, the band just proves they’re what’s needed because it feels like they’re a second family to everyone at the venue and thinking about that for a second, makes the thought all the more beautiful through their music.

So… Waterparks. I do have to say I think they gave a pretty solid set. We laughed, we cried and screamed. Let’s be honest, it was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. They started off strong, diving head first into material from the new record, I mean its the Entertainment tour for a reason! How could they not? The visuals were quite engaging but I’m sure Awsten faded in with the blue from time to time. I could’ve been mistaken but if he did, that would a great story on his part! He could become the new genie of the blue light for crying out loud! A little far fetched but after, ‘Blonde’ and ‘Peach (Lobotomy)’, that’s when we took a trip back to the Double Dare era accompanied by Awsten’s absolute favourite track of all time, ‘Take Me To The Moon’ ], that’s when it hit one of the peaks for the emotion factor in the set. I’ll say during ‘Lucky People’ that was mine because of the songs natural beauty in a live setting. You have to see it to believe it, (which you should) but I guess the music video will do for now until they take the tour to the rest of the world.

The only major concern I had from the set was the sound quality coming from Waterparks. All I’m going to say is that I’ve heard better sets from that stage but unfortunately I do have to bump the rating down overall. That sucks because had the sound gone according to plan, it would’ve been possibly the best gig in a while for myself. I have to give it to Waterparks though for making it out. Technically it’s the second day of the tour and with all the fans in the pit, they couldn’t have cared less because, for them, it looked like they were just having the best time!

Rating: 6/10




Patent Pending



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