A Conversation With… Will Bottomley (Marmozets)

Newcastle Riverside 09/02/2018

Yorkshire based band Marmozets are on top of the world right now. They’ve just about to finish up a US tour before going on their fourth Headlining UK tour in less than a year and their latest record charted in the UK Rock and Metal Charts!. Backed with tracks off, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’, they’re ready to take on the world. I sat down with Will Bottomley to chat about how things are going for them.


Hey Will, How are you doing today?

“Not too bad, a little cold.”


I’m just surprised it’s not freezing in here at the moment.

“I’m just glad I’ve got a massive Jumper and a jacket on.”


It’s the best way to be at the moment.



And your new record, Knowing What You Know Now’, is a welcomed return from you guys.

“Well, it’s been a very eventful couple of years to get it together and we’re very happy to come back here with it and we were very looking forward to it.”


I did actually get to see you play Middlesbrough Empire on the last UK tour as well. That was really fun for me.

“I’ve never been to Middlesbrough and it was a really nice room, like an old theatre. That was a really good show for us.”


That place does feel as if it’s haunted though.

“Well, one of the guys said I’ll take you on the roof and we were wondering what are you on about? And we were taken up these stairs and it was where we right above the stage and they said, do you wanna climb across? There were some really sketchy looking wooden adders and I was like no, I’m okay, so I went for a shower instead.”


When in doubt you always go for the shower.

“Exactly, I was thinking, I need a shower, I’m sweaty, I’d rather go for that. It was after we played as well so I was bricking myself to.”


Going back to the new record, I was going to say that hit number 2 on the Official Rock and Metal charts. Massive congratulations on that one.

“Oh really? I didn’t realise that.”


But it’s no surprise there, the record is amazing. Major System Error and  Run With The Rhythm have been my personal favourites off that one.

“Major System is definitely up there for me and it was really good to do an album where we didn’t have to fight over the tracks. Because we only recorded 13 or 14 so it’s really nice to know which songs we’re going to use, we didn’t have to worry about any of that and the songs we had were still really good and might use them again, but we knew what felt right for the album and we’re really chuffed to have an album where we’re happy with every single song.”


On the writing, what felt different from this one to say The Weird and Wonderful or even the Vexed Ep?

“There wasn’t anything really different, I mean at first it took us a while because of Becca’s knee’s and stuff and then we wrote half and that but it wasn’t good enough and we felt like we’re trying too hard at that point and we said why are doing this? And then we had a couple of months off and when we came back to it, it all really flowed naturally like how it did before. We’d never sat down and been like right this is what we’re going to do now, it’s just a natural progression and just felt right to do it. It felt like we were writing the first album, a lot of fun, which is what it’s supposed to be.”


And the first single was Play. when that dropped and I heard it, I instantly knew I wanted to see you guys again.

“We weren’t sure what we were going to release first. I think we were originally going to go with Major System Error first, which I would’ve been very happy with as well but we got to the studio and Major System Error took a little while to get right because of the production and with Play we thought this is the song we’re going to release first without a doubt and then it came out and we were so happy with it.”


Are there any secrets to the record?

“I don’t think so. I know like there some different thoughts on songs. I think of some in a different way to some people but I don’t think there are any secrets because we don’t normally keep them.”


So they’re just open to interpretation? Maybe some fanfiction here and there?



Well, I’ll be looking forward to reading some of that later. I’ll be on the hunt for it. And now you’re on your third headlining tour in less than a year. How do you all have the energy for that?

“Well, we took two years out and it’s all that energy we’ve built up added to the fact we love touring. We were asked do you want to do a tour, do you wanna do another and we’re just saying yes, that’d be really cool. To be honest, we don’t go out that much anymore but we’ve all calmed down a bit there’ll be the occasional night where we’ll celebrate but most times it’ll be we’ll pack up, go to the hotel and go to bed. I enjoy doing that, so we don’t have to feel rough the next day.”


No complaints here, I’d rather do that if I was in a band.

“Just play bass, I only play the one note through the whole album.”


*Laughs* is that your advice to musicians, just play bass?

“I mean everyone thinks it’s really easy but it’s really not.”


And what’s next for the band in 2018? Is it going to be a hectic year for you?

“Yeah. We’ve announced some festivals and it’s going to be pretty mental because we go to Europe, a few days off and then America and it’s non-stop until April where we might have a few days off there and then back to it again. So a busy festival season and hopefully more tours later in the year.”


And where are you looking forward to playing the most?



Why Japan? I’ve spoken to a few bands and everyone says that.

“It’s a different world. It’s nuts. The last time we were there we had the best time and we learn so much. We walked into a pet shop with these little dogs and cats everywhere and you can buy them and just leave which was crazy.”


From what I’ve heard from others as well, it sound’s like a giant video game.

“Pretty much. You see all the characters everywhere and you just think what the hells going on here?”


And when you’re not playing shows, what do you do in your downtime?

“I literally just chill. I can drive so ill go places but it’s one of the things where we were home for a while which was a bit dull and now we’re at that point where we have fun at home, we see family and friends but it’s nice to go away for a week or something. We try and rehearse when we can but we can’t always do that.”


And lastly, what was the first gig you remember going to?

“My first every gig? I remember it quite clearly, The White Stripes in Blackpool at the ballroom I think it’s called. I was about seven and I went with my mum, dad and Jack and my dad could see but me and my mum couldn’t because my mums really little and so was I at that time and someone from Jack white’s team came out and asked us cant you see and they took us to this VIP box and we had the best time watching them and then Jack White ended up playing beneath us as he came into this side bit.”

That has to be the best first gig I’ve ever heard. And do you have anything else you want to say?

“Thank you for telling me about the record getting to number two and thank you for coming to chat to me.”


Here’s Marmozets latest video for Run With The Rhythm.



Marmozets are set for a headline UK tour for May.

Here are the dates.


May 2018

4th – Norwich Waterfront

5th – Liverpool Academy

6th – Newcastle Boiler Shop

7th – Exeter Lemon Grove

9th – Northampton Roadmender

10th – Coventry Kasbah

11th – Oxford Academy





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