A Conversation With… Louise Distras

Now at the moment, these interviews I keep getting with musicians just keeps getting better and better. That doesn’t stop here with Louise Distras, who has been named in the past as the female Frank Carter. I went up to The Cluny in Newcastle, a really lovely establishment and venue where I had the fortune of speaking to Louise whilst she demolished her first Coffee of the day.


Louise: Hey, I’m Louise Distras from Wakefield which is in Yorkshire.

Jack: And what do you do?

Louise: What do I do?

Jack: What don’t you do?

Louise: That is the question. I mean what I’m doing right now is I’m sitting here in the café of The Cluny, talking to you Jack and I’m drinking my first coffee of the day. I think it’s day ten of The Land of Dope and glory UK tour. It’s brilliant to be in Newcastle.

Jack: I always love a Newcastle gig.  Even if it means running to catch the last train.

Louise: Exactly. I think the last time I was here was actually supporting Itch from The King Blues and I was playing an acoustic show but now I’m back with a vengeance with my full band, headlining and this is like a new experience for me. My very own headlining band, it’s pretty posh, especially at Newcastle, The Cluny.

Jack: Posh? That’s a word I never thought would come out of your mouth.

Louise: Well, the first time I played around these parts, I played at the Black Bull in Gateshead so if anyone’s ever been there, this is really posh in comparison. I feel like Tina Turner.

Jack: Always a good analogy. Also, because you’re playing Pop Punk Pile Up, with Itch there it’ll be like a little reunion with you both playing on the same day.

Louise: Well actually, I was just on tour with Itch a few days ago. He just released a book called 101 Haikus. So  I had the pleasure of supporting him on the tour, so he was doing Punk and Poetry, storytelling etc. It goes back to that classic idea that you just can’t beat a good story. Just sitting around a campfire at three AM having a singalong and crying and laughing.

Jack: That does actually sound amazing! I want to do that now.

Louse: It’s what it’s all about, being young, dumb and full of…

Jack: Rum?

Louise: Yeah, and full of rum and living for the moment you know? Youth and art and creativity and the freedom of doing that opposes the powers that be you know? I’m all for it.


Jack: And you just released The Land of Dope and Glory, the single recently.

Louise: That’s right.

Jack: How was the production compared to your older material?

Louise: Well The Land of Dope and Glory is the first song of the new album I just recorded in San Fransisco in America. It was recorded with Ross Peterson who’s made records with Bruce Springsteen, The Vamps. They’re proper legitimate legends which was weird because I didn’t know that when I first went there and met him.

Jack: Did he have any of those records on the walls?

Louise: No, no. he was a very humble guy. He’s not one of those flashy music producers, that’s why I like him so much.

Jack: I was going to say, it would be pretty intimidating.

Lousie: So we went over there and we recorded twenty tracks for the new album. I mean I guess the first album was acoustic base and it goes back to what I just said, there’s nothing that beats that good old fashioned one person acoustic guitar telling stories and singing songs. That album was Dreams From a Factory Floor. It’s full of stories about being a young working-class woman growing up in a small town like Wakefield in Yorkshire but I how can I compare the first and second in that the second is a natural progression of me as an artist and a songwriter. It’s difficult to analyse yourself from the outside.

Jack: Absolutely, it’s like a couple of my friends who are young filmmakers and they look at their films they’ve made when going into a new project and they think, right. What can I do better?

Louise: I guess on the new album it just cuts so much deeper than the first. It tackles harder hitting subjects. It’s a full band record so sonically it’s different. There is more instrumentation going on and textures so there are different kinds of energy. In a nutshell, though it’s like crass meets The Beatles really and that’s all I’m going to say really.

Jack: Is that all you’re allowed to say though?

Louise: Sadly yes, that’s all I can say on the album right now.


Jack: And when you’re writing what inspires you?

Louise: I just follow a feeling. That’s all there is to it. There’s no formula, just feeling.

Jack: What’s one of the oddest feelings you’ve had for writing a song.

Louise: I wouldn’t consider anything being odd. When one’s being creative having a gift to be creative is just a natural privilege. To be able to go to outer space and write a song and bring it back to earth and to share that message with people and for them to hear it and not boo you off stage it’s a pretty good feeling.

Jack: Thankfully I’ve never seen someone be booed off stage before.

Louise: I’ve been booed and heckled but I’m pretty sick and twisted so I kind of like it so it’s all good. Any reaction is a good reaction.

Jack: Even if it’s a bad one, I think it’d be okay,

Louise: Even nowadays to get any reaction is a great thing full stop.

Jack: Have you ever heard of this film called The Room that came out in the early 2000’s? it’s a famously bad film that just has this reputation for being so bad it’s good. The reaction was just incredible.

Louise: Yeah, treading the fine line between punk rock greatness and garbage.

Jack: That would probably me if I ever go into music. I mean I can’t really play at two in the morning when I can’t sleep. I mean I could but not too many people would be happy about it.


Jack: On festival lineups. 45% of festivals have pledged to achieve a 50-50 balance by 2022. What do you say to that being a female musician?

Louise: I feel like as long as people are asking me what it’s like to be a woman in rock then they’re not asking about what it actually feels like to be an artist and what the creative process is like. It’s basically like as a woman in music, people ask me constantly what it’s like to be a woman in music so I say what’s it like to work in radio and have a dick? It’s just a bit of ridiculous question. The way I see it is just you know? Being female isn’t a genre and I feel like musicians are just musicans and sorry I’m just thinking  for a second… I’m just sick of being asked what’s it like to be a woman you know what I mean?

Jack: Sometimes if I word it the wrong way, I don’t mean to cause offense.

Louise: Oh no, I know you don’t. it’s just something I just get asked about in every single interview and when I first found music being a woman or a young girl was never something that crossed my mind. I idn’t think of it being a disadvantage in any way, shape or form. But the more that I played music, the more that I was around musicians and in the gig environment and doing press, the more the people started to enjoy my music, the more I was I was starting to be told by other people that it was a problem that I was a woman in the male arena playing rock n roll music. So I just thought to myself, if you think it’s a problem, then that’s fine, go away and think it’s a problem but I’m never going to think of myself having a disadvantage because I’m a woman. And for any other young women out there that listen to my music or are fans of music that want to get involved in music. The last thing I would say is that it’s a terrible thing to be a woman in music, that’s it’s a disadvantage and that we’re all victims and playing to that narrative but actually but being a woman and being in music is brilliant. It’s the best thing in the world. I could think of a lot of more difficult things to do than being a woman playing rock music. For example being a single mum or being unemployed or working in a factory, or being a nurse or a police officer. There’s just so many harder things in life than music. That’s all I have to say, it’s brilliant.


Jack: And for the tour, you have The Pearl Harts on tour with you. How did that come about?

Louise: Well, I’m a massive fan of The Pearl Harts. They’re brilliant. It’s the same thing that they’re absolutely talented. Sarah is an absolutey incredible drummer, she’s like the female John Bonham. And then Kirsty, I’ve never seen anyone shred like her. They just get on with it. They just get up there, shred the hell out of their instruments, put on great shows, rock the hell out of their instruments, write great songs and they let the music speak for itself. And I’m a big fan of it. They’ve just killed it on every single night of this tour. They’re just brilliant and a great laugh to hang out with. In the dressing room and after the shows, we’ve just had so much fun. So we’re all about the rock and roll sisterhood but it’s definitely a case of what Courtney Love says; “Don’t date the football captain, be the football captain”. That’s the sort of vibe we have going on.

Jack: And that’s exactly what you do.

Louise: I stole it off Courtney love.

Jack: I might just have to steal it myself sometime.


Jack: I did actually get to one of The Pearl Harts headlining shows in Middlesbrough a few weeks ago and they just came on stage and it’s like you said, they shredded it. They were bloody fantastic.

Louise: I’m a big believer in just writing great songs and playing rock and roll and keeping it real. If you making a noise about stupid issues, you’ll be over compensating because your songs aren’t very good. And it’s that whole thing about needing sex to sell your product then it’s not going to go down well, it’s not going ot be very good. So that’s sort of my thoughts on that really.


Jack: And when you’re not turing what do you like to be doing apart from drinking coffee?

Louise: When im not on the road, I’m usually writing songs, recording songs, demoing songs, chatting to very polite young men from student radio, doing other interviews, having meetings. It full on all the time but it doesn’t feel like work or a chore and it’s aprivlidge to live a musical life. It really is. I just don’t take it for granted and I have zero complaints.


Jack: What’s next for you after the tour and festivals?

Louise: That’s a good question. Crinkey. Well, it’s going to be a case of writing and recording more music inbetween festivals over the summer and then releasing the album after the summer and then touring, touring and more touring and writing and recording and more touring and hoping to be able to keep it up for as long as possible really. It’s been all about writing these songs, going out there. Even if you do get booed off stage you’re still living the dream and you can still go home and put food in the fridge.

Jack: What would be in that fridge?

Louise: Erm.. well I’m sorry to disappoint, but we don’t have any cocaine or rum actually. We have no kittens, blue M&M’s, it’s boring stuff like tea and coffee, brown bread.

Jack: What sort of tea would that be?

Louise: Earl gray. Matt, the bass player really like that. We sometimes get PG Tips, Tetley.

Jack: As long as it’s a decent brand.

Louise: Yeah, we’re all about good tea.

Jack: We also like Humus, salad and actually, I don’t know if any band does this, we’re all closet juicers. We’re really into juicing. We watched this documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Check it out if you haven’t watched it. Its all about the fat, chemicals and all that which they put into food that make us sick and it relates to the healthcare crisis and all that. We wathed that and we said we’re never eating fast food ever again. Especially on tour. So we ask for fruit, fruit and veg and we get the juicing machine out and make something every night and morning vefore we get in the van.

Louise: Sounds like a grat way to start the day.

Jack: Absolutely. We’re two weeks in and we’re full of beans. Juicing is the way to go. Rock n roll juciing at The Cluny.

Louise: You should try and get that trending on Twitter.

Jack: Rock and roll juicing?

Louise: Diefinately. Maybe that could be my vlog. Backstage rock and roll juicing with Louise Distras. I’ll start my own series.

Jack: I’d watch the hell out of that.

Louise: Would you?

Jack: Oh you’d be surprised what an audience would watch. Me, I think this is odd but it’s awesome.

Louise: I think Joe Rogan’s got a punk rock fishing show. He can do punk rock fishing, I can do punk rock juicing and that’s it.

Jack: Then do a crossover and do eachothers thing one day.

Louise: I’d drink to that.

Jack: I would as well but it’d just be water.


Louise Distras still has a few tour dates left before the carnage of the summer festivals.

Here are the dates.

April 2018

25th – Glasgow Audio

26th – Hull The Polar Bear

28th – Birmingham The Castle and Falcon

29th – Pop Punk Pile Up Festival, Selby

May 2018

7th – Liverpool Smithdown Road Festival

10th – London The Underworld


You can watch Louise Distras’s latest video for Land of Dope and Glory below.


Hellions Announce UK Tour

It’s been a while since Hellions played in the UK but now they’ll be playing a mammoth tour which includes some festival dates.

Chapter and Verse will be the support for the tour.


Here are the dates.


July 2018

11th – London Old Blue Last

12th – Birmingham Sunflower Lounge

13th – 2000 Trees Festival Cheltenham

14th – Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms

15th – Bournemouth Anvil

17th – Dover Booking Hall

18th – Bristol Hy Brasil

19th – Newport Le Pub

20th – Truck Festival Steventon

21st – Guildford Bioleroom

23rd – Norwich Waterfront Studio

24th – Huddersfield Parish

25th – Glasgow Garage Attic

26th – Newcastle Think Tank

27th – Y Not Festival Matlock

28th – London Birthdays




Incubus Announce UK Tour Dates

Three years have passed since Incubus came across to the UK for a headline run of shows but the band have now confirmed some September dates after going across to mainland Europe.

The dates are in promotion for the band’s eighth record, coincidentally named, ‘8’, which was released just over a year ago.

Here are the dates.


September 2018

4th – Birmingham O2 Academy

6th – London O2 Academy Brixton

8th – Manchester O2 Apollo

10th – Belfast Ulster Hall


Support acts are still to be announced. Tickets go on sale April 27th from 9AM.


Alexisonfire Announce London Show

Originally thinking that their Download Festival set would be their only UK set of 2018, Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire have now announced that there will be a one-off London Show in June, the day after their Donnington appearance.

Joining them for the show will be Cancer Bats, who’ve just surprised everyone with their new record, ‘The Spark That Moves’ as well as Gold Key.

Tickets go on sale April 27th 2018 at 10AM.


A Conversation With… The Homeless Gospel Choir

Now, I’ve never had a conversation such as this before because I’ve never heard someone speak words with such Passion and Conviction about current issues in the world right now, specifically concerning America. But with what I’ve heard from this man, Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir it was a conversation which was not only genuine but one of truth which I needed to have right now. I spoke to Derek about the industry, his own experiences of recent protests back home and Fanny Packs.  .


Derek: Hey, I’m Derek Zanetti and I make music in a band called The Homeless Gospel Choir.

Jack: What exactly is The Homeless Gospel Choir?

Derek: It’s an idea and I’m just a person who makes up a lot of those ideas and it’s hopefully where I make songs that are giving people the hope and the courage that they need to keep on going and also where I can offer the idea of what Punk Rock is about equality and create an atmosphere that is free of sexism, racism and homeophobia. Hopefully, we can take this idea and show people what it is.


Jack: On your Facebook page, you describe yourself as a protest singer, would you say that description is how you’d tell someone about that.

Derek: Yeah, theres a lot happening in our world because it’s growing and people are being born and there’s more stories to be told. I think theres a lot of good defined but in the protest of noticing things we don’t like. Writing songs about that and what it means to do better and what it means to be better and it’s super important. You’re not just all your failures and all of your mistakes. We’re much more than that. If we continue to think about our failures and why we’re doing bad, then we’ll feel like that. But if we think we have the potential to do good then we show that potential, that’s what’s up.


Jack: And now, you’re currently on tour with Frank Turner, how have the UK shows been?

Derek: They’ve been a smash. Just an absolute smash. Frank Turner’s the coolest dude ever and we’ve talked about doing this for a long time, coming out on a world tour with him and it’s here right now. The folks who come out to see his show are just so kind and so thoughtful and so smart and forward thinking and very open minded to hearing new music. You know? It’s just me and an acoustic guitar up there, something they’ve probably seen a million times before but the reaction has been quite spectactular. It’s been quite amazing in fact to be truthful with you. The amount of people who’s come with kindness and graciousness has been amazing.

Jack: I was going to say on that, fans open to hearing new music. Sometimes when I go see a gig, I don’t listen to a band’s music that I’ve never listened to beforehand, just to get that full effect and be like damn, that was awesome. There have been a few bands where that has happened recently where you can just be blown away.

Derek: And it’s great to. I love Frank’s songs. I love his music and to get to hear that every night is just a treat. It’s full on awesome full stop.


Jack: And being from that DIY background, how is playing these shows compared to the smaller shows you put on?

Derek: It’s weird at times because I don’t know much about the corporate music world. I don’t know anything about this world at all. It’s weird to me to have someone sell shirts in the back of a venue with my name on it. I like to be back there because if someone does wanna come back and buy a record, I get to meet them and shake there hand, speak to them and make a friend there. I think that idea is odd but I believe in making friends and speaking with you as a human being to make the world better. The idea of you being a fan of my music, I like that. It makes me feel cool but I’d rather be your friend and that makes me feel better Because then there’s not an expectation that I’m providing you with a service you know? Like you’re not a customer, I don’t care about that. I wanna create a relationship where we can co-labour with each other to make something that’s bigger than something over coming to a clear channel media like a corporate rock venue, drinking Budweiser and Pepsi and stuff. I do that though, I’m here right now, I have an Apple phone and I’m wearing Vans sneakers or whatever.

Jack: And wearing a fanny pack.

Derek: And yes, wearing a fanny pack.

Jack: But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love one in this day and age? It’s so convenient to have. It’s like you need a pen? I got a pen.

Derek: Yeah, I have everything in here, there’s chapstick, chewing gum. I know that this sounds selfish but I carry chewing gum, not for me but for other people. I’ll talk to you forever and love to here every story you’ve got, about your parents, your grandma and you know, what it was like to be a coal miner,  I wanna hear every little detail of your life but if your breath is whack, we gotta fix it.

Jack: I know people like that, I just say I’m sorry please, it’s rank.

Derek: And I hope that’s not a westernised thing or whatever, a thing of privilege and I’m hoping that’s not going to be a strike against my character but I can’t deal with bad breath.

Jack: It’s very off-putting.

Derek: Yeah, and I do wanna chat with you, be your friend but if we’re going to continue this conversation, the fragrance of your breath has to change.


Jack: And with the festival season coming up, where would you like to play if not now, in the future?

Derek: I don’t know much about the festival world, to be honest with you, I don’t know anything about record cycles and that. My friends ask me do you want to go out and play a few songs and I usually say yes. I don’t have a manager, a booking agent, a fancy corporate record label. The guys who own my label, do it out of an old garage, like a storage place. It’s not fancy at all but it does have a toilet and a place to wash there hands. But I don’t know what a plan would look like, my friends ask me to go on tour and I say yes and I show up and play my guitar and either people love it or hate it but I would love to play all of the outdoor music festivals. I’d like to get back to Groezrock. I’d love go to them all. If anyone is reading or listening to this, and they know aboout Coachella or Leeds and Reading I’d love to headline those, I’d be happy to do it. Just send me an email,

Jack: But bring Frank for the ride as well, you two would make an awesome team.

Derek: Absolutely.

Jack: Because the way I’ve been seeing it, you two have been inseparable at the moment.

Derek: Yeah we’re good buds.


Jack: And I understand you’re quite active politically. Have you been to any protests recently?

Derek: I sure have. There’s been a bunch of them in Pittsburgh. There’s been a whole lot that we’re gone to. The women’s marches, I went to one with my partner and I stood in solidarity as the women demonstrated there and we also went to another on the one about the kids down in Florida and we were protesting the powers that be down there, saying that they should feel safe when they go to school and they don’t feel safe with these gun regulations. There have been people who’ve gone up to certain politicians that represent their state and they’ve gone up to them, Marco Rubio and they’ve asked them, erm.. we’re going to be voting soon buddy and we wanna make sure you’re not taking any contributions from the NRA, can you make us a promise that you won’t, and that chicken couldn’t even tell kids that their friends were just murdered, who were murdered in school, he couldn’t even make a commitment as a politician to not take that dirty gun money. He said I gotta do what’s best for the people I represent and those kids lost their friends and they were called cowards by conservative radio and conservative talk shows. It was awesome to march with them and tell them that we’re on their side, even though we’re in Pittsburgh and they’re Florida and that was a ways away but it was a nationwide display, a protest and I was honoured to stand there in solidarity with them.

Jack: Oh absolutely, if I was there, I’d have been marching with you. When I hear about all of these mass shootings, I just think why does this keep happening and how is it still happening?

Derek: Unfortunately the vision and the image we display democracy to be is very inaccurate. Politicians are bought and sold by these huge corporations who are only interested in profiteering. The NRA is a privatised group of a small amount of people who have a ton of money. And they’re trying to perpetuate this economy of guns and it’s very lucrative. It’s very profitable and these politicians know that by keeping these legislations the way that they are, they’ll be able to sell more guns and more bullets and make more money therefore the politicians get more money. Its’ backwards and corrupt in every way.


Jack: Do you ever think that America will be in a place where this will not happen as regularly with the mass shootings?

Derek: Time after time after time after time innocent people are being murdered. What happened in Vegas, it was up in a hotel room where someone shot some fifty people you know? And then it happens in people’s schools where people are trying to learn and receive an education and children are being murdered for wanting to learn. If that’s not a wake-up call for a government to think maybe we’re doing something wrong, I don’t know what is. I don’t know what it would take. At this point in time, the hands of the conservatives and the hands of the NRA are blood red, they’re covered in blood. The guilt and the shame that should come with it is overwhelming but it’s not. Because there’s still a contingent of people that have a lot of power pushing that agenda.


Jack: I think the main thing to think about in politics is that there’s always an agenda and it’s contantly changing.

Derek: And there’s these distractions that are happening all the time to keep people hooked on something that’s not a real issue. I mean, why are we still talking about abortion rights in 2018? Why? Why is that still a voting issue? If conservatives wanted to overturn that, they could’ve done it many times. Through Ronald Reagan, through George Bush Senior, through a double term of George W. Bush. It’s not an uissue. They had all the power in the world to overturn it and they didn’t do it you know? And now all Trump is talking about is that women who choose to have control over their reproductive rights should be punished. It’s crazy shi** and people are clapping for him.

Jack: It seems baffling why he’s so interested in people wanting one and having to stop them doing so and say it’s a burden on the budget when it’s really not. I saw a news report that it would cost less than 1% of the budget for the US army.

Derek: It’s like I said before, this very small contingent of people who want life to be like when the times were good. They want to go back to the golden age of American in the 50’s where America was strong and living the American dream then everyone would be happy. Sure if you’re a straight, white land owning male, life was great. It was awesome. But if you were a person of colour, queer or a woman it wasn’t a fair shake at all. And they expected these young people of colour to go and fight in a war in Vietnam then come back to their own country as a second class citizens, being abused with racial slurs and put downs. Imagine that. Imagine going to fight for your country then come back and being called the N word. Imagine that.

Jack: I wouldn’t want to. I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone.

Derek: It’s absolutely a shame. Sorry I got a little carried away there. Forgive me.


Jack: Oh no it’s okay, you remind me of a friend where whatever he talks about, it’s amazing to hear the passion in someone’s voice.

Derek: It makes me cry almost. It makes me beserk to say we’re going back tot his time where everything was golden. But it wasn’t, it was golden for a very few amount of people.  I wanna go into a future where it’s great for everybody. Where everybody’s given a fair chance.


Jack:  If you didn’t end up going into music what do you think you’d be doing at the moment.

Derek: I have no idea and I can’t even speculate on that. I have no clue.


Jack: And lastly what’s next for The Homeless Gospel Choir after this?

I have some shows over here then some shows in the states with frank and then I can do some co-headline shows in the US then towards the end of the year im back over here. I’m not allowed to say with who yet but I’ll be doing some support shows and some headline shows.

Jack: Amazing. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and I can’t wait to see you play tonight.

Derek: Thank you. I cant wait to play tonight.


Check out The Homeless Gospel Choir’s video for the track ‘1983’ below.


The Homeless Gospel Choir still have shows supporting Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. The dates are:

April 2018

25th – Liverpool O2 Academy

27th – Bristol O2 Academy

28th – Exeter The Great Hall

30th – Camridge The Corn Exchange

May 2018

1st – Southampton The Guildhall

2nd – Westcliff-On-Sea Southend Cliffs Pavilion

4th – Leicester O2 Academy

5th – Oxford O2 Academy

8th – Hull City Hall

9th – Norwich UEA



Music Videos 20/4/18

You know what time it is? It’s time for another music video roundup! For those who don’t know what the post is about, I find ten of the best music video released within the last week or so and put them on a list all for your viewing pleasure. Let’s kick things off with… Trivium! They’ve dropped this ahead of their UK tour that’s off their acclaimed eighth record, ‘The Sin And The Sentence’, which many have said that is their best record in years.


Going straight to video number two, it is Punk Rockers, The Bronx. It’s the latest track from their recently released record, ‘V’. This is ‘Side Effects’.


Next, we have New York post-hardcore legends Glassjaw. At the end of 2017, they dropped their long-awaited third full-length record. One of the tracks released before the record dropped was ‘Shira’, and now the band dropped a video to accompany the track.


Now, Chase Atlantic are gearing up for a hectic few months with Sleeping With Sirens but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to drop a new music video! Check out one pretty amazing video for their track,  Numb To The Feeling below.


Another band who will be on a massive touring schedule over the next few months are Stick To Your Guns. They’re on a huge trek of the states and Europe with festivals all over the place as well but before any of that goes off, check out their new video for ‘Doomed By You’.


Now moving onto something a little different,  technical death metal group Rings Of Saturn have been touring across quite a lot recently, and in their new video for Margidda, it looks as if they want to tour planets as well!


I think I should’ve made it a tour special now! Ahead of the US tour with Memphis May Fire, Fire From The Gods and Madame Mayhem, Sevendust have shared a video for their latest track, ‘Not Original’ from their yet to be released record, ‘All I See Is War’.


US band Sink The Ship have shared a new video for ‘Everything’ which comes off their soon to be released record, ‘Persevere’. The track and video feature guest vocals from Levi Benton of Miss May I.



Now, Hopesfall released their first offering of fresh material finally and their first cut of new music since their 2007, ‘Magnetic North’. This is their lead single to the fifth record, ‘Arbiter’ and here it is, ‘H.A Wallace Space Academy’.


Now, the last video of the night! It’s Dashboard Confessional, back to their best but I do have to say this track is quite vulnerable of them and video for their song, ‘Heart Beat Here’ from the newest record Crooked Shadows, available now via Fueled By Ramen.

Live Review: Casey @ Newcastle Jumpin’ Jacks

Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle, 15/04/18

Support: Endless Heights, Rarity

It’s a relatively fair night in Newcastle, but thankfully we have some great bands tonight to tap into our energy. Tonight is nothing less than brilliant for Casey, who are pushing forward this year with their latest record, ‘Where Do I Go When I am Sleeping’.

Starting out the night was Rarity, who just commanded the audience from the moment they were on stage. with their blaring choruses and huge songs, they showed Newcastle just what’s to come on the night. Additionally, having listened to them previously, it’s a pleasure to see what the future of the scene is intended and that it is safe hands.

Next were Endless Heights and I have to say, Australia has some fine bands being exported at the moment and they’re absolutely the ones to describe as the best. With a quickfire and an infectious sound to give the audience, it feels as if the room is spinning just stand still with all the energy they gave into their performance and if things look up soon, hopefully, they’ll be across again soon for a headlining set.

After a brief intermission, Casey was brought to the stage and just immediately below everyone away. Jumpin’ Jacks was filled to the brim of the legion of fans that made their way and even had the room shaking with anticipation for their onslaught. However, this doesn’t encourage the South Wales band from putting everything into this performance. Additionally, with their vocalists, (Tom Weavers) new haircut, they have all the looks and the talent to be the best thing coming out of the country this year. From the raw emotion, the performance was just amplified in comparison to other recent tours where the crowd was just chanting along to their set. With plenty of music to choose from off their latest record, the hardcore band pulled off something not just unique but also spellbinding tonight.



Rating 7/10




Endless Heights



Live Review: The Pearl Harts @ Westgarth Social Club

Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough, 05/04/18

Support: Swears


Time for a little more Punk! The Pearl Harts give a sense of fresh air into the genre where they are true to their bone. Otherwise known as Glitter & Spit, The Pearl Harts showcase some great talent at the little venue.

First up were Swears. From the area of Middlesbrough, they’re good fun and a good choice for the headliner’s opening act but on the other hand, you can see why they are supporting. They’re a band that never fully hit top gear. Don’t get me wrong, they were interesting to watch but it just felt as if their sound wasn’t as finely tuned as most bands I’ve seen recently. What is intriguing is their spirit though as you see they do aspire to want to be better musicians. Not the number one band on everyone’s radar, give them time and we’ll see the improvements which are needed.

Now, The Pearl Harts weren’t originally going to be playing this tour date but after a a venue within Middlesbrough said that women can’t sing rock music, they had to come up here to prove them wrong! and did they ever! The Pearl Harts provided the crowd a storming set from the two piece female rockers to the point of which you see why they only need two people for the band. Their connectivity with each-other just spurs up imagery of classic Punk Rock musicians who are so much better than they are. Armed with tracks off their recently released record, ‘Glitter and Spit’, they showcased some just how much they’ve come along in recent years to the point of which you wanted more. They might only be a two piece band, but they play with the determination to set themselves apart from most. Here though, it probably helps as they have more room to move about the stage if they wish and really get the audience on their feet. They weren’t shy to bring them in closer but that sort of set makes it all the more intimate and special for the venue they were at. Although, if they continue the sort of performance they delivered, they won’t have too many problems bringing in more people, as well as moshpit for the rowdier tracks.




The Pearl Harts

Live Review: Black Foxxes @ Leeds Key Club

Leeds Key Club, 31/03/18

Support: Emily Isherwood, Bloody Knees.

I’ve been waiting a while to see Black Foxxes play a headlining set for a while now. After hearing their newest record, ‘Reidi’, a headline tour would have to be done for the band. First on the bill was Emily Isherwood, an artist who is more for the easy listening crowd than anything but did a superb job of introducing the night. More than anything, it was a particularly controlled set and that’s what the night needed. Usually, when an audience is introduced to a different genre on the night, it’s met with a hostile reaction but not for Emily as her performance was captivating and she just drew in the energy from all around her.

For the heavier listeners though, Bloody Knees was the band for you. I’ve listened to them previously but their set was a welcomed reminder about just have fun an energetic their music can be. They stormed their set and helped elevate the crowd, ready for Black Foxxes while still maintaining an ultimately rhymic set that proves just how grand supporting bands are. To put it simply, Bloody Knees are incredible live. Every track you heard was fantastic but to hear what their music is first hand, you see them going bigger and bigger.

Now Black Foxxes are an incredible band but to see the trio on a headlining tour was quite fantastic. Regardless of their production problems which left their stage lights off for a period of time on their set (whether it was deliberate or not) it was a great set to see the introduction of new material from their latest record. There were times when the set did rise and fall but for the last few tracks, it just became even more mesmerising to watch as the night went on. Having spent the last few years touring their butt’s off, the new selection of tracks show the level of maturity they’ve come to embrace as a band and that is one of the best things about the night as you see themselves gaining a new taste for what only you could predict to be a brighter future for the band as a whole.

Rating: 8/10


Emily Isherwood





Bloody Knees



Black Foxxes



Live Review: Sumo Cyco @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank, 19/3/18

Support: Skarlett Riot


Now, I’m getting right into my Canadian bands at the moment. They’re providing a sense of individuality that’s just being confirmed with every single release and Sumo Cyco are no different. What’s incredible is their fan base though because they’ve helped catapult them to larger venues without the backing of a label! With huge personalities on every band member, I just had to go down and see for myself what their sound is in person!

First up was Skarlett Riot. Now, I hadn’t seen this band live in a few years now so it was certainly a treat to be seeing them after so long after a few EP’s and a record since their last releases. But what I did see was a continued evolution of the Yorkshire rockers! Similar to each release, you just see their energy and motivation turned straight up to eleven. This isn’t the same Skarlett Riot I saw a few years ago in York at the Duchess supporting Heaven’s Basement. This is an updated band that is currently at their best and I couldn’t be happier to see them. The new record is called ‘Regenerate’ and I don’t think that could’ve been a more precise description of what I saw from them. Tracks such as ‘Break’ and ‘The Storm’ seen live just ignited my love for the band I once fell in love with but I don’t recall seeing any of their older material. That was one question I didn’t ask them but I have my own little theory there. I think it’s because they don’t need to backtrack as their focus on the here and now as this is Skarlett Riot through and through. The tracks are a statement for who the band really are to Reignite them to be one of the best things about British Rock at the moment. However, from their set it wouldn’t surprise me if they would start announcing some headlining set because in my eyes they’re ready for the challenge. They hit top gear in places but if they can continue their steady rise, it’ll be fantastic.

The headliners on the night were the Canadian rockers Sumo Syco playing out to a packed audience at the Think Tank. There were some Skarlett Riot merch on the attendee’s in the crowd but if you asked me if the two bands complemented each other, I’d say these two bands touring together was a match made in heaven! Because of the similar music style, sure. Because of the energy output they gave? You might say that. But what topped it was Sumo Cyco’s personality because that’s what they had over the support. Everything just seemed absolute. It was a high octane, hilarious and thought out performance from every one of the band members and this year, one of the best I’ve ever seen. They managed to do everything a band should be doing in a set but more to the point of having fun, every single word that was spoken by Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetnam was pure magic where you just wish that there was more time for them to. Charging through their set, they never lost pace during the performance so it is fair to assume that they could’ve gone for a few more tracks for the duration, Here though, we observe a band on top form, not afraid to think outside of the box, they’re open to trying anything during their set, which does involve some audience participation and a rowdy storming set. Honestly, if you want to see only one band this year, I advise you go see Sumo Cyco and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10


Skarlett Riot

Sumo Cyco