A Conversation With Sumo Cyco

So, now after this, I should be up to date with the last few months of A Conversation With! Only took me a while to get on with this but the last interview is a good one. It’s the female vocalist of a great Canadian band, Sumo Cyco and when I heard their music, I was hooked and that doesn’t happen too much these days! I do sometimes say this but with this lady’s vocals matched with the music, you know you’re in for a good time! I caught up with Skye AKA Sever to see what’s been going on with the band.


Jack: First thing I wanna say is that on the tour poster you guys look absolutely crazy!

Skye: Oh really? Ahaha it’s good. That’s the projection that we’re going for. We’re making them realise they’re in for a good show when they come see us. A little crazy show.

Jack: Look no further than Newcastle then for that. Things do get rowdy up here sometimes but I think that makes it more special, especially in an intimate setting.

Skye: For sure, I agree.


Jack: So you guys are back across here for your headline UK tour. How has that been?

Skye: Excellent. We’ve been really impressed by the turnout. Impressed by how supportive the bands have been and how they’ve come out, especially in the cold weather and we’ve just played a festival, at Hammerfest and I got to perform with one of my idols, Benji Webbe so I’m just on cloud nine right now.

Jack: And you guys made a track with him didn’t you?

Skye: Yes, Move Mountains and Benji was our guest vocalist but we’ve never made it work where he’s come on stage with us. I’ve come on stage with Skindred before but he’s never made it work where he’s been on stage where Sumo Cyco was playing so it was a really special thing that happened.


Jack: I was speaking to Skarlett Riot earlier about the Sheffield date, they said that was pretty crazy because it was a sold out date!

Skye: For sure, it was hectic day because we got word from the promoters that it was getting really close to being sold out so they asked to do you wanna move up to the bigger venue but we weren’t sure if we could make that happen at the last minute because we hate to turn people away but we were like, if it’s going to sell out, let’s sell it out and it’s kinda cool to put it on the tour poster.

Jack: And I’m guessing there was some crazy energy for that show as well.

Skye: Of course. We never try to do anything half-assed, we try and bring as much energy to the table as possible.


Jack: I mean that’s the main goal for the genre as well.

Skye: Oh I think so. I think it’s interesting because some bands will put a lot of emphasis on making sure they’re noted for note and everything perfectly but we’re kinda the band that will sacrifice a bit of that to make sure. We put on a rowdy show so it just depends on how much jumping around you wanna see, how much energy you wanna see off the stage vs here. You know? Everything just like the recording whereas I’m like I’d rather see someone make us have a good time rather than sound identical to the recorded music because that’s what the recorded music is for so I like a little bit more of a riot when I go to shows.

Jack: It feels a bit repetitive but usually if it’s out of sync for me it makes it better but I completely agree, that’s what the recorded music is for. And has this tour been as crazy as the last UK tour.

Skye: I mean things keep escalating but things were cool last time because we were with such a cool band, Devilskin from New Zealand and they ended up taking us there at the end of last year and we went on tour with them in their home country so it was pretty cool to make those friends which I think are lifelong friends everytime we’re in New Zealand they’re always going to take us in so that was a great tour but I think we’ve been slowly build with every tour we’ve done, we’ve won over new fans and happy to be in a place where we headline shows and pack crowds so everybody can have a good time. It’s great.


Jack: And after the tour, you gear up for America, where are you looking forward to playing the most over there?

Skye: We’ve had some pretty crazy shows in Atlanta. One of crazy in the middle of nowhere places, Toledo, Ohio we did a show with Mushroomhead over there. It was ridiculous, there was a few thousand people there and they were all  just going crazy for us over there. We ended up crowdsurfing, going across the bar which was amazing. Im excited because we get to tour some some amazing acts Butcher Babies, None Point and Cane Hill. Butcher Babies we’ve toured with before over here and become great friends. I’m just excited because half the time if you’re in a band if you ever get on tour with a band and you’re not really getting along with you guys, it just makes the tour miserable but because we know those bands, im sure the tour will rock!


Jack: And speaking on that, I’ve seen on this tour with Skarlett Riot you guys compliment each other so much.

Skye: Well it’s been a long me coming with Skarlett Riot because not only did we play with them at a festival a couple of years ago in Sheffield, they’ve always been really supportive and coming to Sumo Cyco gigs and that’s how we met Chloe and Dan in the first place and then as things grew for us, we saw them do the same we inebitably knew we’d tour with them together and I’m glad that worked out. Plus they’re really awesome people and they’re really talented to.


Jack: And moving onto on or two more fun questions, if you could make a record with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be?

Skye: Interesting…we’re throwing out names of producers and one of them was pharell. I’m really a fan of his stuff with NERD and he’s worked with one of my favourite artists, Gwen Stafani on her solo stuff back in a day but I’m a big fan of hip hop, Outkast, Big Boy the more atlanta ATL hip hop so a producer with Big Boy would be really cool to work with.


Jack: Well, you’ve covered New Rules by Dua Lipa before. How did you guys decide to cover that track in the first place?

Skye: Yeah, we gave ourselves the challenge. We looked on Spotify and we looked at the biggest hits in the world right now and we saw this Dua Lipa song and we thought let’s try  and turn it into a Sumo Cyco song and we gave ourselves a timeline eof four days to record and do a video to see what people thought and it eneded up charting over in the Netherlands so somebody liked it somewhere.

Jack: As long as people enjoy it, there’s bound to be people who will. Have you ever played that live?

Skye: We have’t at a show but we have rehersed it so if you put a special request in maybe we’ll do it.


Jack: I’ll have to do that. And what’s next for the band after the tour? Are there any festivals on the horizon?

Skye: I mean we’ve always wanted to do the festival thing but we’re still edging in on the cusp of being one of those bands that has the support to do that because we are independent and getting on some of those mainstream festivals is a bit more of a challenge or us because we don’t have representation or a big label trying to push our name through soit’s gotta come organically from the fans who make such a demand that the promoters can’t deny that people wanna come see us. Right now, we’re really excited to be playing a Toronto show when we get back, it’s been a while since we’ve payed a good hometown show then there’s the tour across the states and I’m assuming we’re going to be exhausted after that so there’s going to be some more writing, make some more videos and regroup with what we’re going to release next.


Jack: The videos always look absolutely mental. They always look like a deep dream

Skye: That’s what I like. I like you know being in that space where rules don’t exist nd you forge tyou’re not supposed to fly or the grass isn’t purpe, it’s like anything can happen.


Jack: But as long as it’s something creative and fun to do.

Skye: Exactly.


Jack: And if you could sum up the band in three words what would they be?

Skye: Hmm.. let’s say Riot, Rebel, Rowdy. How’s that?

Jack: That’s fantastic

Skye: Or rowdy rebel riot. I like alliteration to so you’ve three R’s in there to

Jack: And it makes for an amazing band name to! You got a name for something if you ever do something else in the future as well.


You can watch Sumo Cyco’s music video for ‘Undefeated’, below.














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