Live Review: Sumo Cyco @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank, 19/3/18

Support: Skarlett Riot


Now, I’m getting right into my Canadian bands at the moment. They’re providing a sense of individuality that’s just being confirmed with every single release and Sumo Cyco are no different. What’s incredible is their fan base though because they’ve helped catapult them to larger venues without the backing of a label! With huge personalities on every band member, I just had to go down and see for myself what their sound is in person!

First up was Skarlett Riot. Now, I hadn’t seen this band live in a few years now so it was certainly a treat to be seeing them after so long after a few EP’s and a record since their last releases. But what I did see was a continued evolution of the Yorkshire rockers! Similar to each release, you just see their energy and motivation turned straight up to eleven. This isn’t the same Skarlett Riot I saw a few years ago in York at the Duchess supporting Heaven’s Basement. This is an updated band that is currently at their best and I couldn’t be happier to see them. The new record is called ‘Regenerate’ and I don’t think that could’ve been a more precise description of what I saw from them. Tracks such as ‘Break’ and ‘The Storm’ seen live just ignited my love for the band I once fell in love with but I don’t recall seeing any of their older material. That was one question I didn’t ask them but I have my own little theory there. I think it’s because they don’t need to backtrack as their focus on the here and now as this is Skarlett Riot through and through. The tracks are a statement for who the band really are to Reignite them to be one of the best things about British Rock at the moment. However, from their set it wouldn’t surprise me if they would start announcing some headlining set because in my eyes they’re ready for the challenge. They hit top gear in places but if they can continue their steady rise, it’ll be fantastic.

The headliners on the night were the Canadian rockers Sumo Syco playing out to a packed audience at the Think Tank. There were some Skarlett Riot merch on the attendee’s in the crowd but if you asked me if the two bands complemented each other, I’d say these two bands touring together was a match made in heaven! Because of the similar music style, sure. Because of the energy output they gave? You might say that. But what topped it was Sumo Cyco’s personality because that’s what they had over the support. Everything just seemed absolute. It was a high octane, hilarious and thought out performance from every one of the band members and this year, one of the best I’ve ever seen. They managed to do everything a band should be doing in a set but more to the point of having fun, every single word that was spoken by Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetnam was pure magic where you just wish that there was more time for them to. Charging through their set, they never lost pace during the performance so it is fair to assume that they could’ve gone for a few more tracks for the duration, Here though, we observe a band on top form, not afraid to think outside of the box, they’re open to trying anything during their set, which does involve some audience participation and a rowdy storming set. Honestly, if you want to see only one band this year, I advise you go see Sumo Cyco and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10


Skarlett Riot

Sumo Cyco

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