Live Review: Casey @ Newcastle Jumpin’ Jacks

Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle, 15/04/18

Support: Endless Heights, Rarity

It’s a relatively fair night in Newcastle, but thankfully we have some great bands tonight to tap into our energy. Tonight is nothing less than brilliant for Casey, who are pushing forward this year with their latest record, ‘Where Do I Go When I am Sleeping’.

Starting out the night was Rarity, who just commanded the audience from the moment they were on stage. with their blaring choruses and huge songs, they showed Newcastle just what’s to come on the night. Additionally, having listened to them previously, it’s a pleasure to see what the future of the scene is intended and that it is safe hands.

Next were Endless Heights and I have to say, Australia has some fine bands being exported at the moment and they’re absolutely the ones to describe as the best. With a quickfire and an infectious sound to give the audience, it feels as if the room is spinning just stand still with all the energy they gave into their performance and if things look up soon, hopefully, they’ll be across again soon for a headlining set.

After a brief intermission, Casey was brought to the stage and just immediately below everyone away. Jumpin’ Jacks was filled to the brim of the legion of fans that made their way and even had the room shaking with anticipation for their onslaught. However, this doesn’t encourage the South Wales band from putting everything into this performance. Additionally, with their vocalists, (Tom Weavers) new haircut, they have all the looks and the talent to be the best thing coming out of the country this year. From the raw emotion, the performance was just amplified in comparison to other recent tours where the crowd was just chanting along to their set. With plenty of music to choose from off their latest record, the hardcore band pulled off something not just unique but also spellbinding tonight.



Rating 7/10




Endless Heights



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