Live Review: The Pearl Harts @ Westgarth Social Club

Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough, 05/04/18

Support: Swears


Time for a little more Punk! The Pearl Harts give a sense of fresh air into the genre where they are true to their bone. Otherwise known as Glitter & Spit, The Pearl Harts showcase some great talent at the little venue.

First up were Swears. From the area of Middlesbrough, they’re good fun and a good choice for the headliner’s opening act but on the other hand, you can see why they are supporting. They’re a band that never fully hit top gear. Don’t get me wrong, they were interesting to watch but it just felt as if their sound wasn’t as finely tuned as most bands I’ve seen recently. What is intriguing is their spirit though as you see they do aspire to want to be better musicians. Not the number one band on everyone’s radar, give them time and we’ll see the improvements which are needed.

Now, The Pearl Harts weren’t originally going to be playing this tour date but after a a venue within Middlesbrough said that women can’t sing rock music, they had to come up here to prove them wrong! and did they ever! The Pearl Harts provided the crowd a storming set from the two piece female rockers to the point of which you see why they only need two people for the band. Their connectivity with each-other just spurs up imagery of classic Punk Rock musicians who are so much better than they are. Armed with tracks off their recently released record, ‘Glitter and Spit’, they showcased some just how much they’ve come along in recent years to the point of which you wanted more. They might only be a two piece band, but they play with the determination to set themselves apart from most. Here though, it probably helps as they have more room to move about the stage if they wish and really get the audience on their feet. They weren’t shy to bring them in closer but that sort of set makes it all the more intimate and special for the venue they were at. Although, if they continue the sort of performance they delivered, they won’t have too many problems bringing in more people, as well as moshpit for the rowdier tracks.




The Pearl Harts

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