While She Sleeps Announce Special Edition of ‘You Are We’

After 12 months into the release of While She Sleeps the latest record, which was done superbly independently and almost completely off the band’s back after leaving Search & Destroy Records, While She Sleeps will be releasing a special edition of last year’s ‘You Are We’.

The extended re-issue of the band’s third record will feature eight additional tracks, including demos, alternative versions and a few brand new tracks.

It’s set to drop on the 20th July 2018 via the band’s own Sleeps Brothers label and you can see the new artwork, full track listing and pre-order options below.

  1. You Are We
  2. Steal The Sun
  3. Feel
  4. Empire Of Silence
  5. Wide Awake
  6. Silence Speaks
  7. Settle Down Society
  8. Hurricane
  9. Revolt
  10. Civil Isolation
  11. In Another Now
  12. Feel (Alternative Version)
  13. Silence Speaks (Alternative Version)
  14. Hurricane (Alternative Version)
  15. Civil Isolation (Demo)
  16. Feel (Demo)
  17. Fear In Change (Instrumental Demo)
  18. I Am While She Sleeps
  19. Lost Ideas

Pre-orders are available via the band’s official webstore, Itunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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