A Conversation With… Sweet Little Machine

Well, Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017 are certainly having a pretty decent 2018. They’ve had a few tours, played their music to applause and got a slot at Pop Punk Pile Up, playing alongside bands such as Blood Youth, Room 94, Safeguard and Lyon Estates. Blazing through their set, which was amazing by the way, they are certainly ones to watch in the future. It just goes to show Yorkshire has some great bands up it’s sleeve. Although, I had the chance to speak to the band to see what makes them tick.


Jack: Hello everyone, So Pop Punk Pile up, how’s it feel to be here?

Alex: It’s a great lineup and Adam’s done a fantastic job getting the perfect lineup

Lucy: Absolutely

Alex: And going through it, every band we know is on the bill so it’s great.

Jack: I’ve been here about two hours I think, seen three bands and they’ve all been fantastic.

Aye, all of the bands we’ve seen and checked out they’ve all been superb in every single way.

Jack: I’m hoping it continues next year as well if it’s been the reception it’s been today. And your last few shows you’ve been playing alongside Carousel Kings and Home Wrecked who are also on the festival bill as well. How’d that go down?

Alex: Well, it was a very long drive. But the show was great, getting to hang out with everyone, they’re great bands. Hanging out with Home Wrecked was great and they’re not too far from where we are as well.

Lucy: We’ve played with them a few times as well. We were in a rickety old van and it was about 25 degrees outside so you can imagine how sweaty we all were in that van.

Jack: Needing a shower?

Alex: Before we’ve played, but it was worth it.

Jack: A night of pop punk and now a weekend of it.


Jack: And it’s been six months since you released the Monsters EP. How does it feel now?

Lucy: Well, we can play them now.

Alex: It’s been great. We released it to co-inside with the Fireball tour with Reel Big Fish and Anti-Flag and Mad Caddies. That went down great. Because the first EP went down so well, we were so nervous before releasing it like the pe how it was and then we thought right, are people going to like it? And it went down really well. We’re working on some stuff right now but you’ve got such fond memories playing them so it’s like they’re great to go back and play them so they don’t feel old and we love playing them again and again.

Jack: I’m guessing from that description there’ll be a video for that, hopefully. I’ll be on the lookout for that if it does happen.


Jack: And looking ahead to the rest of 2018, is there anything else you’re doing?

Alex: Well, we’re looking ahead to go out on the road and play some shows sooner rather than later as soon as we’re finished recording this year and then we’ll head out on tour properly as we’ve done before.  And then there’s always stuff you cant talk about, as much as I’d love to, we can’t reveal anything, unfortunately.

Jack: It’s okay, it’ll get announced and then you’ll be able to.

Joel: It’s a little awkward. It’s like everyone asking what are you doing and we have to be like nothing but they’ll forget about it the next day.


Jack: And if you could sum up the band in three words what would they be?

Joel: Sweet Little Machine

Lucy: Oh you’re hilarious aren’t ya

Lucy: Sweaty,

Lucy: Loud and…

Alex: Fun.

Jack: Sweaty loud and fun Pop-Punk

Lucy: Yeah, it’s a new genre.


You can watch the music video for Sweet Little Machine’s track, ‘Monsters’ below.

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