A Conversation With… Heartsink

This next band is one I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, especially since I was there for the unveiling of their new name. What was once One Way Street is now Heartsink, the collective Pop-Punkers from York. I did plan to speak to them at a previous gig a few months ago but circumstances meant I had to wait to chat to them on the last day at Pop Punk Pile Up.


Zak: First we have to say Ben is filling in for Jake today because he’s in Croatia at the moment.

Bryn: He’s in the sunshine, just not as cold as this though.

Zak: He’s just done a Game of Thrones set tour as well, and in a Liverpool bar at the moment. A Scouse bar in Croatia.

Jack: In Croatia of all places? It’s like going to London and finding a Geordie bar.

Zac: He sniffs out a Wetherspoons like a dog.

Bryn: He has a radar. He just sniffs them out and says this way.

Zak: He does have a book on Weatherspoon’s carpets as well.

Jack: That has to be an interesting but dull read

Tom: What did you get for Christmas? A book carpets.

Zac: Brilliant


Jack: So Pop Punk Pile Up?

Bryn: It feels really good to not only have played but to have been asked to play.

Zac: Adams put a lot of effort in.

Tom: The boys done good.

Bryn: And Ben did amazing on drums for us today.

Jack: Ben reminds me of someone from a film, I can’t put my finger on it.

Zac: A young tom cruise?

Bryn: I could see it.

Tom: Something from the eighties?

Jack: No Patrick Stewart was in it.

Zac: Oh that was green something…. Er…

Bryn: Green Room!

Jack: That’s it! From the punk band, the lead singer he reminds me of. But I was at the gig in December for the name change, what was the main reason?

Zac: It was an entirely different band now, new members and it felt right to do moving forward.

Jack: Well you’ve got a new drummer.

Bryn: Yeah we’re going to let Jake down easy.

Jack: Well he is your brother so there’ll be some tension around the Christmas table or some drake and josh style escapade. I imagine that was what your whole life was like growing up, just Drake and Josh.

Zac: No, it was more Zack and Cody but yeah, the name change, new lineup, new songs and new progression.

Tom: We’re doing a new music video in the next month or so.

Jack: I’ll keep my eyes and my ears peeled for that. And has there been anything new in the production?

Zac: Funnily enough, Ben produces all of our songs, mixes master.

Ben: Now brings the equipment and the talent brings it to a new level and I’m looking forward to producing some new stuff with them.


Jack: And is there anyone you’d love to tour with?

Zak: We’ve toured with a lot of bands but to be honest, Lyon Estates. I’d love to go back out with Better Days.

Bryn: We could do a full tour with Lyon Estates and all the bands Jonny Gill’s in you know? Jonny fest.

Jack: What was the first gig you remember going to?

Zak: The Darkness.

Jack: That’s a good alternative group to start with, I personally would’ve guessed Blink 182 from what I know about you.

Tom: What do you think mine was?

Zac: Rolling Stones?

Tom: Bearing in mind it was in 1997. It was Radiohead and DJ Shadow. It was at the Manchester 9x when it was called that.


Bryn: See I did the thing with seeing a lot of local bands, there was winder gardens and submarines, a lot of obscure places and bands but I think it was sponge, a really old Ska band.

Zac: The first big band was probably Biffy Clyro. I just wanted to sound cool by saying the darkness when they’re you’re cooler alternative.

Jack: mine was when The Duchess was still open a Halloween show, beyond all reason and RSJ and two weeks later, my dad took me to see Paramore.

Bryn: You’ve been recently haven’t you?

Zac: That was a really good gig.

Jack: I was just really happy to have seen them

Zak: What’s your’s ben? That’s something I’ve never asked you.

Ben: I didn’t start until I was 18 and I think my first was lees fest 2003. It was one of the most awesome Leeds fest lineups ever. I think there was InMe, Bowling For Soup, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Jay-Z

Bryn: Is that when Leeds fest played bands and not DJ’s?

Zac: It’s just a changing crowd now

Ben: I really wanted to see blink 182 and we watched slipknot beforehand and my girlfriend at the time broke her ankle so we had to go to a medical tent and I was sat thinking youuuuu. I sat there then asked can I go? And she said you can if you want and I went, alright see you. In hindsight I was horrible though but yeah.


Jack: And if you could sum up heartsink in three words what would they be?

Bryn: I think there are some words we wouldn’t allow Zak to say.

Zac: Erm.. I’d say anthemic, although that’s more an aspiration for us.

Bryn: I’d say 75% of us are organized but really fun, anytime you get to play music with your friends is a blessing in itself, where it goes it’s just a laugh and if we get the recognition that’s a plus.

Bryn: Money’s a nice thing but creating memories is more important to us.

Tom: I’d say chunky, about the sound

Bryn: I think that’s my addition to be honest.

Ben: We have the heavy breakdowns and stuff which has progressed, depends on the various guises

Jack: Various guises? Like Altered Sky with the beginning of their set?

Zac: Oh did Ana bring the plague mask out? I remember playing with them last year and I thought what’s going on?

Bryn: Coming to cleanse the building?

I started playing with you after I came on tour with, then they were just like do you wanna play guitar for us?

Zac: It took him a few months to say yes to us.

Jack: Were you just asking him at all hours of the night?

Zac: It was more of an internal struggle for him

Bryn: We just share members of every band now.

Bryn: It as like the same thing you said about Pile Up like on Friday it was so nice because all the bands knew each other like. Reunion and community but it’s just really nice and today it’s the same with the community and today a few have been coming up from the south, but we’ve been playing with them anyway The Young Harts and Counterpoint are really good and everyone knows each other.

Tom: We still need to say three words to describe us.

Bryn: Oh yeah.

Bryn: So chunky, anthemic, and erm… remember that list of words we gave you not to say?

Zac: Just fun isn’t it?

Tom: Colourful.

Bryn: And that’s just Zak’s hair.


You can listen to Heartsink’s track ‘Last Year’ below.

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