Oli Skyes (Bring My the Horizon) Opening a Arcade/ Bar

This is very unexpected. Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes is opening Church. I know what you’re thinking and no it’s not an actual church. It’s going to be a gaming arcade with a bar!

Those who have already visited Oli’s Drop Dead Clothing store in Sheffield will already be familiar with the building that Church is set to be housed in. The building is a traditional Victorian industrial premises, designed by famed architect William John Hale, who is responsible for a number of the Victorian churches in the Sheffield area. Hence the name- Church.

On this, Oli has said “Our building has incredible heritage and I wanted to develop a barcade concept that truly celebrated and developed that legacy. We wanted something that fitted with William John Hale’s original and stunning design but provided something to wow 21st century customers. Our strapline is ‘Temple of Fun’ – we provide a whole experience.”

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