Music Videos 22/06/18

Yes, we’re back for another countdown of ten of the last week’s music videos. What has been released this week? Well let’s kick things off with Architects great live video for ‘Doomsday’ which was filmed at London’s Alexandra Palace.


Last week, I posted in the countdown’s list that Sainte’s first EP was drawing to a close but now, she’s closing the first chapter with two music videos. Here is the second video in the last first chapter in ‘Feels So Wrong’.


Good Charlotte was one of the co-headliners at Slam Dunk festival last month but if you missed the opportunity to see them live, don’t worry. The band have compiled footage shot across their recent run of UK and EU shows. Check out the live video for ‘Actual Pain’ below.


Ahead of their appearances across various UK festivals, Southend alt-rockers Asylums have dropped a new video for ‘Millenials’. This is off their upcoming record ‘Alien Human Emotions’ which will be released July 6th.


The next band have been spending a lot of time on the road recently, which includes their first stops in the UK and now here’s another live video added to this list for ‘Third Degree’.


Belmont has announced that they’re releasing their self-titled full-length record on August 17th and they’ve dropped their first music video for the record in the form of Hollowed Out which you can view below.


A while ago, One Ok Rock dropped the track ‘Change’. The track is beautiful but the video is even better. Just watch.


Trash Boat are gearing for their new record, ‘Crown Shyness’ and now, the record single has been released. It’s called ‘Inside Out’  and on the concept of it, frontman Tobo Duncan has said to Rocksound: “this song is a personal analysis of my inner monologue. The ‘guy’ that’s with me with every decision, every thought process and my quietest, most solitary moments. ‘


The Amity Affliction are back. They’ve shared a new video in the form of Ivy (Doomsday) from the upcoming record, ‘Misery’ which is going to be released on August 24th via Roadrunner Records.


And now, time for a new song from As It Is and their new single from ‘The Great Depression’. and The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry) track and video is one that: tackles toxic masculinity, and the long overdue need to rebel and speak out against outdated ideals that to this day continue to threaten individuality. 


And that’s it for another countdown of music videos! Check back next week for another ten of the best.

Black Veil Brides Are Re-Recording and Re-Releasing ‘We Stitch These Wounds’

The rumours that Black Veil Brides were breaking up earlier this week sent people into a frenzy but now that’s all confirmed to be 100% untrue!  Now with that out of the way, they’re off back to the studio to re-record their debut record, ‘We Stitch These Wounds.

Andy Biersack spoke to Rocksound stating: “There is nothing but agreement from everyone involved that we are moving forward as a band and it is not the intention to break up, certainly not after these eight Warped Tour shows”.

He has also spoken to LoudWire about the band returning to the studio after Warped Tour. “The plan is to do an entire re-record of our first record. We [originally] recorded it for just a few thousand dollars in a studio that didn’t really have the capacity to do that big of an album. We always felt it wasn’t representative, sonically, of the rest of our catalog. We feel that a lot of the songs on that album are very strong, but have never been given their day in court, so to speak.”

He then elaborated on this saying: “The intention is to not only re-record the record, but to include just about every demo we have from that era, songs that were never released before. We have an entire live DVD that was shot in 2010 in San Diego that was scrapped that we never released and no one has ever seen the footage from. We’re gonna put that out. We want to include as much of our old costumes and imagery and photos that no one has ever seen, as well as to record at least two or three new songs for the release as well.”

I’m just left wondering what the end product of this re-recording is going to be! Let the countdown begin.

We The Kings Announced New Record

We The Kings are back with a new record! They’ve announced the details of their sixth record after a successful crowdfunding campaign last year.

It’s going to be called SIX and be released July 6th via S-Curve and BMG.

Check out the tracklisting.

1. On My Love
2. The Ocean and the Sun
3. Even If It Kills Me
4. Mama Knows Best
5. Ride
6. Alive
7. I Won’t Settle
8. Festival Music
9. Planes, Trains, and Cars
10. Immortal
11. What I Wouldn’t Give

And the album art? Here it is.


The first track is One My Love and you can check it out below.

Speaking to Rocksound on the single, frontman Travis Clark has said: “I learned the expression ‘On My Love’ from my wife’s family- they use it all the time to prove that they are being honest and telling the truth. This song is about swearing on my love that no matter where life takes us, we will always be there for each other. ‘Even if the worst takes us through hell, I’ll be here for you.'”

Waterpark’s Awsten Knight Releases Purple Hair Dye

Awsten Knight’s on the rise again! The Waterparks frontman is always out there doing as much as he can!

Speaking on Instagram live, Awsten announced he has collaborated with Manic Panic on his own custom purple hair dye called ‘Knight Bright Purple’.

It’s available in Hot Topic stores in the US and through Manic Panic from July 2018.

Ashley Purdy Clarifies Black Veil Brides Breakup Statement

Taking to Twitter, Black Veil Brides bassist Ashley Purdy has made a statement clarifying his comment on a podcast which led people to believe Black Veil Brides would be braking up after their run on Vans Warped Tour.

The podcast has been since taken down and Purdy’s statement can be read below.

“Just for the record and clarification: And this is expressed in great humour..

I never once said, “the band is breaking up”, as news outlets used as their headline to click bait you basically into reading way more into a story than it actually was.

The miss information came from a podcast that I was going with a fellow musician and another industry colleague where we we’re just having a discussion about music and laughing and having a good time. It was basically a friendly discussion and less of an interview but when someone did ask what’s on the horizon for Black Veil Brides the honest answer is still the same. We have eight shows left on the Final Warped Tour ever, so again, yes, that’s the last time you’ll see us play there, and again, come see us now as this will be the last time. See the context. 

We have one festival show out in October and that’s it, so yeah thats all thats on the calendar and that’s kind of how all of that got taken out of context. 

Very few listened to the entire podcast in it’s entirety before that headline quote of the band breaking up got blown outta proportion, of course for something news worthy it played into the dramatic. 

But honestly it was a lighthearted and fun discussion that one news outlet just writes Ashley says “the band is breaking up” and then so on and so forth everyone just takes that and runs with it again out of context from the entire discussion and not the literal words i’ve ever said.

Anyhow, Day 1 of Warped and we’re all excitedly looking forward to performing for you all. ‘See is there now cuz you won’t see us there again.’ Lol”

Billie Joe Armstrong Throws £5000 Guitar In Pool During Performance

Well, could you really expect Billie Joe Armstrong to not be a rockstar?

The Green Day frontman pulled off one of his classic moves at a recent show in France, throw his £5000 guitar into a swimming pool.

Page Six reports that Armstrong was hired to perform at an event during the Cannes Lions advertising festival, running through many of his hits and covers by the likes of David Bowie, with his son Joey from SWMRS accompanying him on drums.

After wrapping up his set though, he threw a guitar, which was rented as well into the pool.

Armstrong also took the opportunity to share his political thoughts when introducing ‘American Idiot’.

“I fucking hate Donald Trump. It’s like acid gone wrong. LSD and the alt right, what the hell? I didn’t think this shit was going to happen.”

“It’s so important that we look out for each other and we show compassion for humanity and our neighbor. I don’t know who it is in France, but in California it’s called Mexico.”


The Maine On Getting Banned From Twitter

Remember the other month when The Maine got banned from Twitter? Yeah, that really happened!

Well, John and Kennedy from the band spoke to Rocksound recently to get to the bottom of what happened.

“It really was nothing but Twitter asking us to validate our age…It said something to the effect of ‘tell us how old you are even if you’re a cat or a business’. We said, ok, we’re 11. And they said you’re not allowed to be on Twitter unless you’re 13 or older. So, some young lady had tweeted and it went, as the kids say, viral, or semi-viral or whatever…A lot of people were like ‘who the hell is The Maine and who cares?’ (laughs).”


Check out the full video below.

Like Pacific Announce Details Of New Record

Canadian band Like Pacific have announced the details of their upcoming record. It’s going to be called ‘In Spite Of Me’ and will be released on July 27th via Pure Noise Records.

What’s the tracklisting you ask? Here it is.

01. In Spite Of Me
02. Sedatives
03. Had It Coming
04. The Spring
05. Occupy Your Skin
06. Self-Defeated
07. Steadily
08. Admittance
09. Consider Me
10. Something Missing

And the record cover?


They’ve also dropped the first track off the record. Check out ‘In Spite Of Me’ below.

Black Veil Brides Splitting Up Rumors Apparently False

There’s a rumour mill coming in at the moment concerning the break up of Black Veil Brides.

According to Bassist Ashley Purdy, they are going to disband following their run of eight days on Vans Warped Tour.

Talking on the Another FN podcast Ashley Purdy began talking about Warped tour, saying “We start Thursday at Warped Tour in Pomona, and we are gonna to do eight dates through the southern California area.”

According to Andy Biersack on the other hand, these rumors are false.

Speaking on the Rocksound Podcast: “There is nothing but agreement from everyone involved that we are moving forward as a band and it is not the intention to break up, certainly not after these eight Warped Tour shows,

He also said that the band recently signed a new record deal, there was “never talk of a hiatus,” and that the entire band will be together in a matter of hours for the beginning of Warped Tour.

I’ll update you guys if there are any more developments on this story.