A Conversation With… Leeched

Now it’s certainly been a while since I’ve been up to a heavy gig and I couldn’t be more excited to be. The heavy scene was where I got started with music in the first place, at a Halloween show of all places! Since then, I’ve spread my music taste across many genres and now I’m listening to and seeing more music from this genre than I ever have before.

*Please note that this interview takes place after Leeched’s set.



Jack: Hey Laurie, you’re from Manchester right?

Laurie: Yes.

Jack: I do love it down there, but it’s been too long.

Laurie: It’s like here but fewer hills.


Jack: I was going to ask, before the set, were you going to play any new tracks?

Laurie: There were four of them, The third track, The Stone And The Steel, fifth and sixth; Guilt and A Mouth Full Of Dirt, Born In Sand for the seventh. Two of those are out now Stone and Steel and Guilt and there’s another coming next week.

Jack: I think I was surprised there wasn’t a bit more movement out there for your set.

Laurie: We do have the hardcore influences and people can do what they want but our sound is a bit more immersive and atmospheric. Sometimes people do bounce off the walls, but they can do what they want. We’ve played to one person before but that’s the way it goes sometimes, it doesn’t bother us because we’ll play it.


Jack: How’s the new release going to be different from the EP?

Laurie: Like I was saying before, more atmospheric is the keyword. I’m not trying to decipher it too much so you know, most people sit and write riffs but we push it in a way that makes sense for us. There’s no easy way of answering that but the EP was just really fast and when the album came about we threw some stuff together to find what we wanted to do but we added a lot of synths into the music and the fact we structured it more you can see it’s something more polished.


Jack: What’s been the best bit of 2018 for you?

Laurie: Playing Techfest the other week. Great festival, great turnout for us and that was awesome. Return To Strength in Germany as well.

Jack: Were there people just drinking the two pinters? I love that invention.

Laurie: In fact, there was, you just look out and there were about 10 people drinking them.


Jack: And Employed To Serve tonight and you won’t be gone long as you’ll be back with Full On Hell next month.

Laurie: Oh, that’s going to be fantastic.

Jack: You’re just one of those bands who seem to be everywhere.

Laurie: Well, you just gotta work hard but you have to do it in the correct places and keep doing it.

Jack: And now time for some quickfire questions. Choose 4 numbers between one and twelve and we’ll see what (if any) random things are said:


Laurie: 3,5,8,9

Jack: Is the glass half empty or full?

Laure: Well, that depends on what’s in it.

Jack: The last time you were angry?

Laurie: Yesterday, I was working and some stuff went wrong. I’m a sound engineer and it just made everyone there angry. I don’t normally get angry but rarely.

Jack: Three words to describe yourself?

Laurie: Tired, Hungry and I’d like to say, patient. You can’t expect everything to go right all at once.

Jack: Especially with the beard for the patient part. You look like a better version of Jesus from The Walking Dead.

Jack: What record do you own but never confess to owning?

Laurie: I’m not going to answer that properly and say I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, you don’t have to hide it if you love something.


Jack: And what are you looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Laurie: The record coming out, all the tours we’re planning and hopefully next year do it twice as big.

Jack: Tech Fest better watch out.

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