Black Foxxes Cover The Cure’s Loveson

Exeter’s Black Foxxes newest record Reiði was only released a few months ago but that hasn’t stopped them from recording their own take of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’.

The cover was released with the accompanying video that sees the trio in a Cotswold Mansion.

Mark Holley, Black Foxxes’ guitarist/vocalist comment on their cover:

“I found ‘Lovesong’ at a time when I needed it the most; it takes a lot for lyrics to stand out in a song for me, but I was genuinely floored. It was everything I’d wanted to get off my chest for months, captured in this three minute ‘Lovesong’. We knew we had a live session coming up, and I could hear that recurring motif being played by the string section straight away; as soon as I suggested it to the guys they were instantly on board. Truly one of my favourite songs of all time now.”

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