Good Charlotte Announce UK Tour Support, Drop Moose Blood From Tour Hours Later

Good news and bad news on this one.

Earlier today, Good Charlotte had released details of who would be supporting them on their 2019 Generation RX EU Tour. This was originally going to be Boston Manor and Moose Blood.


Hours after announcing this, they posted a statement via Twitter saying, “we’ve decided to remove Moose Blood from our recently announced tour”.

Moose Blood’s removal comes off the back of accusations that have been made towards the band earlier this year, specifically towards Eddy Brewerton after he reportedly stole explicit photographs from a woman’s phone, before distributing them to other members of the band via a private WhatsApp group.

Since the allegations have surfaced, Moose Blood have been removed from show opportunities. The band are taking legal action against these allegations.

Boston Manor will remain as support, with a replacement support act TBC at a later date

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