Good Charlotte Announce UK Tour Support, Drop Moose Blood From Tour Hours Later

Good news and bad news on this one.

Earlier today, Good Charlotte had released details of who would be supporting them on their 2019 Generation RX EU Tour. This was originally going to be Boston Manor and Moose Blood.


Hours after announcing this, they posted a statement via Twitter saying, “we’ve decided to remove Moose Blood from our recently announced tour”.

Moose Blood’s removal comes off the back of accusations that have been made towards the band earlier this year, specifically towards Eddy Brewerton after he reportedly stole explicit photographs from a woman’s phone, before distributing them to other members of the band via a private WhatsApp group.

Since the allegations have surfaced, Moose Blood have been removed from show opportunities. The band are taking legal action against these allegations.

Boston Manor will remain as support, with a replacement support act TBC at a later date

We Came As Romans On First Performance Without Kyle Pavone. “It’s the Best Way To Honour His Legacy”

Recently, We Came As Romans played their first set after the passing of their vocalist, Kyle Pavone.

They also announced their intentions to continue with their touring commitments, supporting Bullet For My Valentine on their North American tour.

Before playing the fourth track of their set, David Stephens addressed the crowd saying:

“a few weeks ago, we lost our best friend our bandmate, our brother, our singer keyboardist Kyle Pavone. And this is our first show that we’ve done without him. Thank you guys for being so accepting tonight.

“This is something I wasn’t sure we’d ever get to do again. I think it’s what he would have wanted. I think it’s the best way to honour his legacy.”

He continued “One of the things that I admired most about him was his ability to not regret his past, not worry about his future and live in the present and enjoy that moment, because he believed things could change so quickly and those great things could be taken from you in a heartbeat.”

Mythology Of Babymetal Being Revealed In Graphic Novel

The origin of Babymetal has always been something of a mystery. Only the Fox god knows of it’s truth. Until now.

The band’s mythology is going to be released in a graphic novel called ‘Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal’ which is set to drop on October 30th.

The official desription of the graphic novel details “Discover the myth of the worldwide music sensation BABYMETAL. Tasked with defeating the forces of darkness and division, the metal spirits must travel through a variety of eras of time, assuming different forms and identities. What we are seeing is not the BABYMETAL of the present. It’s the original story based on BABYMETAL you’ve never heard before. The long-hidden metal spirit’s apocrypha of the Metal Resistance will emerge.”


Architects Add Another Show To UK Tour

Architects came back with a bang last week in amazing style, dropping a huge track, announcing their new record and a UK tour.

But there’s more now.

Their Wembley arena show has already sold out their standing tickets, and their Manchester show is all but sold out.

Due to overwhelming demand, Architects have announced another Manchester show for January 15th.

American Satan Teasing Andy Biersack Will Continue In American Satan TV Series

Remember that film Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce were in? It was called American Satan.

Since it was announced a TV spin-off series a few months ago, there was the big question, would any of the film’s stars be returning?

Well, take a look at this tweet from the films official Twitter account.

Memphis May Fire Announce Details Of New Records

New music news! Memphis May Fire have announced the details of their follow up record to ‘This Light I Hold’, and dropped the first track off the release.

The record’s called Broken and will be released November 16th via Rise Records.

Here are the rest of the details for the release.


  1. The Old Me
  2. Watch Out
  3. Sell My Soul
  4. Who I Am
  5. Heavy Is the Weight
  6. Over It
  7. Fool
  8. Mark My Words
  9. You and Me
  10. Live Another Day

You can stream the opening track off the record, The Old Me, below.

Panic! At The Disco Touring Guitarist Leaves The Band

In a short statement made by Panic! At The Disco via Twitter, touring guitarist Kenny Harris will no longer be performing with the band due to ‘a personal matter’.

The news of his exit from the group comes following the surfacing of sexual misconduct allegations by a Twitter user under the handle @donasooze who states that Harris had been asking for suggestive photographs in 2016. At the time, the user was reportedly 16 years old.

The full thread of tweets read as follows:

“I really do love Panic! At The Disco but uhhh… Kenneth Harris needs to be called out, so here’s a thread about my experience with him.

April 20, 2016: This was the first day I ever snapped Kenny. I sent him a picture of me with that stupid dog filter, thinking he wouldn’t even reply but boy did he. He went on about how cute I was and asked me to send more selfies, which I obviously did, and he sent a few back.

Fast forward about a week later. My friend and I had tickets to see Panic! live on July 8th, fifth row from the stage. I snapped Kenny and asked him if he could throw me a guitar pick since we were so close to the stage. He agreed, but only if I’d send him a “pic” first. Me being the dumb 16 YEAR OLD that I was at the time, asked him “what kind of pic”, hoping he just wanted another selfie (not that that’s any better) but noope.

He replies back “surprise me”. So, my dumbass 16 year old self decided to play along and i go, “If I send you a picture now, you’ll forget about me by the time of the concert in July!!” to which he replies with “well, if you keep sending them, i won’t” So, I ended up agreeing but always put it off whenever he’d ask. I wasn’t gonna actually send him anything. There was no way.

He would always ask for pics but finally got bored I guess?? I would always make up excuses for why I couldn’t send anything and they were not believable whatsoever. But they shouldn’t have had to be. All in all. he stopped snapping me after he realized he wasn’t gonna get what he wanted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Before anyone comes at me for playing along, I had just turned 16! I was nervous to come out about this back then because I didn’t want to get him in trouble. A member of my favorite band talked to me and I didn’t want him to regret it? If that makes any sense? Beyond fucked.

Itoldyouiwouldeatyou Confirm Debut Record, ‘Oh Dearism’

British Indie/Punk Rock group itoldyouiwouldeatyou are stepping up their methods of release from EP’s to full-length records now.

They’ll be releasing their debut record, ‘Oh Dearism’, is set to be released on November 16th 2-18 is Alcopop! Records/Failure By Design Records.

Here’s all the info you need to know.


  1. Earl, King, Whatever
  2. Gold Rush
  3. Young American
  4. Almost Zero
  5. Gathering Things Together And Not
  6. Dividing Them
  7. Get Terrified
  8. Craiglockhart
  9. Greek Fire
  10. Goodbye To All That

You can stream track 2. Gold Rush, below.

You can pre-order the record from the band’s official webstore, Amazon, Itunes and Google Play.


Milk Teeth Confirm Em FosterAs Full Time Member Of Band

Yes! Milk Teeth have confirmed that Em Foster whom has been filling in for Chris Webb has confirmed to carry on as the band’s full-time guitarist.

And to round off the activity in the Milk Teeth camp, the band have announced a mini-tour, played both their recent ‘Be Nice and Go Away’ EP’s in full as a build up to the band heading out as main support on certain dates of the upcoming Enter Shikari tour.

Here are the full dates the band are playing.

November 2018

15th – St Albans The Horn *

16th – Birmingham Muthers Studio *

17th – Swindon Level 3 *

December 2018

1st – Lincoln Engine Shed

2nd – Keele Students Union

3rd – Hull The Welly

4th – Cardiff Tramshed

6th – Frome Cheese & Grain

7th – Exeter Lemongrove

8th – Plymouth Students Union

9th – Portsmouth Pyramids

* = Milk Teeth headline shows.

Bloodstock Festival Announce Sabaton As 2019 Headliners

From a successful 2018 where they were nominated for Best Festival at this year’s heavy music awards, Bloodstock Open Air Festival have announced that Sweedish group Sabaton are set to headline the 2019 festival on the Friday night.

The festival will be taking place at Catton Park, Derbyshire, running from 8th – 11th August.

Annotations Of An Autopsy Announce Return, New Record Out In 2019

After only a few years away following the decision to disband in 2014, Norwich metallers Annotations Of An Autopsy have announced their return for 2019!

In a brief but quick post via their Facebook page, the band have announced their return next years.

More details on this as I they’re released.

Zand Releases New Track, ‘Luci’

After a few months of the released for debut single, ‘Boys Like U’, Zand is ready to give more in the follow-up track, Luci.

The track premiered on Dork and now, have elaborated on the lyrics.

“The lyrics of ‘Luci’ tell a tale of a fatal showdown with the devil. A story unfolds from start to finish, but I’d like to leave up to the listener to decide whether that demon is metaphorical or real. In the studio I wanted this to sound like the score for a fucked up sci-fi thriller movie, except with obnoxious cheerleader-style gang vocals from yours truly. I hope it makes people want to kick things.”

You can listen to ‘Luci’ below.