Lawsuit Filed Against Tobias Forge (Ghost) Dismissed

That’s one thing ticked off Ghost’s to do list as a resolution has been met against former frontman Tobias Forge.

The lawsuit was filed by the former band members of Forge, collectively anonymously known as Nameless Ghouls, back in April 2017 and claimed that they were suing for alleged “missing wages and allowances for several years.”

Following a six-day trial that was heard in the Linköping District Court in Linköping, Sweden, a decision was released on October 17th 2018 to dismiss the case.

While testimony from key witnesses was heard, the Court was unable to find convincing evidence.

Forge had originally claimed over 2 million kronor for his fees, though the court ruled that 1.3 million kronor as a more reasonable sum. The four ex-members have three weeks to appeal the court’s ruling.

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