Creeper Leave James Scythe Letter At London Show

Okay, so this is an UPDATE on a post I’ve just now come into now.

So as you all know, Creeper announced that their London Koko show was the last one that they’d ever do as a band.

Now though, the people over at DIY Magazine, have reportedly found a scrunched up letter from James Scythe.

For those who don’t know who James Scythe is, he was the paranormal investigator who disappeared on the 27th December 2015 after staying in Southampton’s Dolphin Hotel and soon became an integral character to Creeper’s Narrative of the band’s 2017 debut record, ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’.

Here is the letter below.


“Listen closely to the wind at night, can you hear my name?
Under the static Sunday strident, can you hear my name?
Kept for us a special place, beyond the moon and sea.
Every star will die tonight, even you and me.
2 for sorrow, dark and numb.
4 for joy, love for none.
See you in the next world, James Scythe”

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