Northshore: For What It’s Worth Single Review

Firstly, before we begin I have to say, I’ve been waiting to hear some new music from these Teesside lads for a while now and let me say they certainly do not disappoint. I had the chance to interview them at Pop Punk Pile Up a few months ago but due to circumstances out of their control, it meant that they couldn’t perform. I was absolutely gutted about that but it just goes to show, all good things come to those who wait.

Now, this single just signifies more is yet to come for these lads and this single alone could mean big things for them. It’s just Pop-Punk perfection at its best and I’ve seen many bands go on and do some great things all because of one track. I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t happen to Northshore because it reminds me of the most enjoyable breakdowns from With Confidence or WSTR and those are just the recent tracks they emulate. For myself though, the main component which makes it stand out is of course, Ben Vickers and Dan Shepherd’s vocals. They help take the track to new heights and what helps keep their momentum together but as well, it separates them from the herd and truly makes them ones to watch on the British scene.

Northshore’s sophomore EP, “For What It’s Worth”, is out February 15th.

Check out the music video for “For What It’s Worth” below.

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