Pup Sign With Rise Records, Announce New Record

Pup are off to a phenomenal start to 2019. There are three reasons behind this though.

They’ve signed to Rise Records, a debut record is coming out and the first taste of it is out now! Here are the details.

The record is going to be called ‘Morbid Stuff’, which is set to drop on April 5th and here is what it looks like.


  1. ‘Morbid Stuff’
  2. ‘Kids’
  3. ‘Free At Last’
  4. ‘See You At Your Funeral’
  5. ‘Scorpion Hill’
  6. ‘Closure’
  7. ‘Bloody Mary Kate and Ashley’
  8. ‘Sibling Rivalry’
  9. ‘Full Blow Meltdown’
  10. ‘Bare Hands’
  11. ‘ City’

And that first taste of the record I was talking about at the beginning? It’s the second track, ‘Kids’ and you can check it out below.


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