Slam Dunk Festival Announces Stage Splits For 2019

Slam Dunk’s 2019 festival is now complete, but I’m holding out hope that the Introducing stage is still to be announced!

Still though, what’s left to announce?? The stage splits of course, and now the organisers have announced them super early.

The festival organisers have also made an announcement about the splits.

Neither the Jagermeister stage or Impericon stage will clash (perfect for you hardcore and metalcore fans). In addition, the Dickies stage and the Marshall stage will not clash with each other either (perfect for any pop-punk and punk rock fan).

Here is the list of the stage splits.

All Time Low
New Found Glory
Neck Deep
Simple Plan
As It Is
Boston Manor

Bad Religion
Less Than Jake
The Interrupters
Mad Caddies
The Bombpops

Bullet For My Valentine
Story Of The Year
The Word Alive
Wage War
The Plot In You

The Bronx
Cancer Bats
Knocked Loose
Angel Du$t

The Menzingers
Touché Amoré
The Get Up Kids
Saves The Day
Tigers Jaw
Tiny Moving Parts
Milk Teeth

Plain White T’s
Real Friends
Trophy Eyes
A Loss For Words

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
Employed To Serve
Between You & Me
Story Untold
Press To MECO
Our Hollow, Our Home
Kublai Khan
Cruel Hand

Justin Courtney Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack)
Rob Lynch
Liam Patrick Cromby (We Are The Ocean)
Chas Palmer-Williams (Lightyear)
Lizzy Farrall


Have Heart Announces One Off UK Show For 2019

Hardcore band Have Heart have been disbanded for nearly a decade as of now, but there’s always hope. Their final show as a band was in Revere, Massachusetts but now they’ve announced a UK show and in not going to be in London!

The band will be in the UK as part of their reunion shows, which is one of four and they’re also happening in Boston, Los Angeles and Cologne.

Have Heart will be playing Leeds Stylus on Sunday 21st Jul 2019.

In a short statement, the band said: “Ten years have passed and we have decided to get together to play four shows – four shows only. Hope to see you this summer.”


ArcTanGent Festival Adds More Bands To Lineup

The upcoming ArcTanGent Festival has added even more names to their upcoming festival.

Palm reader, Nordic Giants, Sleep Token and more have been confirmed to be playing the 2019 festival which will take place August 15th – 17th at Fernhill Farm, Bristol.

For the full lineup, check out the Festival poster below.


The Offspring Complete New Record

It’s Noodles himself who’s announced this as The Offspring have completed their new record which means we’ll be hearing a lot more off them this year.

Check out their post below.


2000 Trees Festival Announces More Bands Plus Third Headliner

2000 Trees just got bigger.

They’ve dropped more bands to their lineup but not only that, they’ve announced their third headlining band.

Joining You Me At Six and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls are Deaf Havana.

Press To MECO, Dream State and more also join the lineup at Upcote Farm, Gloucestershire from July 11th to 13th.

You can check out the full lineup below.


Live Review: Northshore @ Think Tank Underground

Date: 15/02/19

Support: Hartsink, Wrthless, Northern Horizon

The North East. Full of industry, Football and music. It’s no secret that this region of the country is dependant on its influx of musicians and of late, the Think Tank, O2 Academy are the most common venues for fans of the Rock and Pop Punk communities. Some are slow starters but these days here, everyone comes down early to get the full experience of the shows.

The first band of the evening are Heartsink but there’s a twist to their set. It’s all acoustic and it’s their frontman Zac Roughton playing solo. His performance is a charming rendition of the tracks which have made the Yorkshire band what it is but acoustically, there’s just something more which makes it as charming and basic as it can be. I don’t mean to make it as if it’s a bad thing, it’s a wonderful thing and just opens the gig to so much namely, that everyone else on the night has to step up.

Wrthless do just that on their sets. They do help elevate the atmosphere to an extent but one that does get people excited for what’s to come later on the night. Not to say that it wasn’t the best performance that was given but it’s a brightly polished view of what the Scottish Pop-Punkers can do and from here they help showcase that Scotland has a lot to offer than the usual Pop-Rock which is exported from the isles.

Northern Horizon, on the other hand, are just beaming with confidence and for good reason as well. They deliver through their set, a performance that’s entertaining for everyone, especially with their news that they will be disbanding soon. It’s one that’s a shame because they have the makings of a great band. They have chemistry with each other, infectious music and a crowd who just want to see more. Nevertheless, they don’t let that fact impact the performance in any way as they storm through their set, even getting the crowd involved at certain times when they invite two members who know their track as well. Their performance is one that people won’t forget too soon, that’s for sure.

Northshore have had numerous setbacks in recent years. I think they said it’s taken them about four years to get their debut EP, ‘For What It’s Worth’ made because of numerous setbacks and a few lineup changes. But now, it’s out there upon the world and the band couldn’t be happier and for fans on the night, they had the same feeling as well. For tracks such as ‘Be Heard’ and ‘For What It’s Worth’, (the title track of the EP) they prove to be real crowd pleasers where you can feel just how long they’ve been waiting to play live. What’s more, is how well the tracks were received as a few tracks have been released as singles to tease everyone for the full product, smaller bands don’t usually get the reception they deserve when playing a release show. In this case, it couldn’t be anything but as they show just how much of a force they are to be reckoned with. What’s for sure is you’ll be hearing a lot more from Northshore in 2019 as they continue to make this their year.


Live Review: Lyon Estates @ The Fulford Arms, York

Date: 17/02/19

Support: Chris Laycock, Safeguard, Guts, Holispark

So, I haven’t been to The Fulford Arms in a while. And that truly pains me. It’s because when I’m there, there’s a real sense of community and everyone feels as if they’re friends or family. It’s a truly special place. And the feeling kicked off on the night with Chris Laycock, someone I’m sure the community knows but I had never seen perform before. And I can honestly say, I just wanted to see more of him. His acoustic performance was charming, entertaining and funny. For him, his personality when he’s on stage just takes over and draws the crowd in and with his music, he’s slowly becoming a legend in the making.

Next up was Safeguard, a local band who’ve been around the block a few times.  The first band for the evening who began to tear up the stage at first but I feel that their pending hiatus did overshadow them in places, where they just rose and fell between their sets but did this stop the crowd enjoying it? Certainly not, because it was a fun and fond look back at their discography discography and there’s certainly enough flame to keep them going if they decide to return in the future.

I will say this about Guts. They’re a difficult band to place. It’s a sort of band I have a love/hate relationship with but I didn’t dislike them. I’m quite fond of them. Their music was quite different to anything I’d seen perform here before, as it was a little more alternative than most. This is what I enjoyed most about them because they jsut didn’t conform the norms of the current musical genre’s. They’re a band that have branched out and if they continue to do so, will really help them in their future as a group.

Now, Holispark. More recently than anything else, if a band playing at a gig I’m attending, I will not listen to any of their past material. But, I have a good reason for that. I wanted to experience the music they play, not from anything I’d hear on a CD, or a streaming application, I wanted the first experience right there in front of me. When the first note was played, the whole room just exploded, everything about the gig now went to the next level and I don’t know if it was because of the band’s experience or how they played but it changed the room. Honestly, I felt as if their set was a little short because I got so lost in listening to their music, it was as if time sped up and I think I speak for the entirety of the room on the evening, we wanted more. Although, Holispark are one of these bands which will be a treasure for a lot of people, with their set being one of the finest I’ve seen in a while. It was a sense of community when one of their guitars (if I’m remembering the correct instrument.) broke and one of the members of Lyon Estates stepped in to lend their equipment for the common goal of playing. That’s what I do love to see and that’s one reason everyone loves coming to this venue and seeing everyone play.

And finally we came to Lyon Estates as the headliners in the evening. You can tell these guys mean business because they performed a stomping set with love, laugh and a few human pyramids (I’m not joking, this actually happened) to everyone’s amusement in a way that felt as if it was their homecoming, which it was. And you can say a lot about York bands but we stand by them, just as the crowd did. They sang, they cheered, especially when they had to choose between one or two tracks which were an on the spot decision for the band on the night.

What’s more, is that it didn’t take long for everyone to be joining in with their tracks. The great thing about Lyon Estates is they know how to respond to crowds which helps with the consistency of their sets and this makes them a band that when playing live never falls but just constantly keeps raising the bar for what they’re going to be doing in the future. I do hope more people get to see them in the future because they’re a band that just goes criminally under the radar but in the same sense of that, they’re a band that’s just a gem as well.

Rating: 6.5/10


Pale Waves Announce Autumn 2019 UK Tour

They’re coming back to the UK for a huge tour, which includes their largest London show to date!

That’s right, Pale Waves fans, for those who’ve missed their last tours 2018 will have a chance to catch them on their three-date UK tour which will be happened in September.

The tour comes at the same time as the band are preparing to release a brand new EP, which will be releasing the in the next few months.

Here are the dates.

September 2019

24th – Birmingham O2 Academy

26th – London O2 Forum

27th – Manchester Academy


Check Out Queen & Adam Lambert Perform At The Oscars

Last night, the film awards, The Oscars were held. Not only did Bohemian Rhapsody win four awards, but the band Queen opened the show with Adam Lambert.

Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert performed We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions to the crowd, with some looking as if they were thinking, just what the hell is going on here?

Check out the video below.