Music Video Roundup 01/02/2019

It’s time for a new roundup. If you’re new to the posts this is how it goes down. I look for the best ten videos of the last week (or so) and compile ten of the best for your viewing pleasure.

First up are Swallow The Sun. They’ve just released their new record, ‘When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light’ and this video was their final release just before the record dropped. Here’s the video for ‘Firelights’.


Second on this weeks list are Long Beach’s Half Alive. Their breakthrough video has racked up over 13 Million views to date since its upload and now they have something new for everyone which will mark their first piece of new music since the release of their EP last year. Check out Arrow below.


Time to change things up for a live video. The next video is from none other than Enter Shikari. It’s off from  ‘Take To The Skies. Live In Moscow (Bootleg Series Vol. 9). This set was recorded live in Russia in front of over 6000 fans at Moscow’s Adrenaline Stadium on the 2017 ‘Take To The Skies’ 10th-anniversary tour. Check out ‘Return To Energiser’ below.


Moving to America, this next video is from post-rockers, ‘The End Of The Ocean. This is coming from their first record in over five years (eight to be exact) which is off ‘-aire’ and comes in the form of the track, ‘Desire.


We’re changing things up again, for a Lyric video this time. Aussie metalcore favourite’s Parkway Drive have a new track in the form of ‘Shadow Boxing’ which just shows a gloomy and dark version for this track.  It’s off their latest record, ‘Reverence’ which was released in May 2018.


We’re keeping things going with American Football. They’ve teamed up with Paramore’s Hayley Williams on a track from their upcoming self-titled record which is titled as ‘Uncomfortably Numb’.


Time for a little more hardcore in the form of Wars. They’ve just released their new EP ‘As Within /// So Without’ last week, but they had a final treat for fans before the release of it. The EP acts as a buffer between their debut full-length ‘We Are Islands, After All’ and their sophomore follow-up, which will drop later this year.

Check out ‘Scorn And Fidelity’ below.

Odds are you’ve seen this next track, or heard about it in some way shape or form. After a few teases from the band known as Twenty One Pilots, the band released the video for their next entry in ‘Trench’. Fun fact though, this doesn’t follow the ‘Trench’ narratives established in previous videos.

Check out ‘Chlorine’ below.


With the news that a new record called ‘Eternal Forward Motion’ is on the way from Woking’s hard-hitting and hard-working Employed To Serve, they have a new single and video ready to go in the form of ‘Force Fed’ which you can view below.


And lastly, we have singer/songwriter from Chester, ladies and gentlemen Lizzy Farrall. At the time of writing, I’m not sure if this is a stand-alone track or something which will be a part of a future EP but nevertheless, its a pretty great track for her. Check out the video for ‘Barbados’ below.

You can stream and check out the video below.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundups. For another ten of the best don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM.

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