Live Review: Blood Youth @ Leeds Key Club

Date: 28/02/2019

Support: Lotus Eater, Palm Reader

Leeds. It’s been a slow start to 2019 for me with gigs where I’ve only been to around t hree or four in 2019 if I’m remembering correctly. Now though, I’m all fired up and ready to get stuck in with everything and as many bands as humanly possible What’s more is that I’m going to try and split them so I’m covering as many genres as possible as well because I don’t want the same experience every time, I want them to be more diverse so I’m not just giving reviews of something that’s becoming more and more generic. With that in mind, this is the heaviest gig I’ve been to so far in 2019 and that is the fantastic Yorkshire born and bred Blood Youth. This band have just very recently dropped their second record, ‘Starve’ which had so much energy it had to be unleashed as humanly possible. With their second night of the tour in Leeds, things are bound to get mental.

Starting off the night are Louts Eater. The Glaswegians waste no time in getting things going with the crowd erupting in moshpits, as far as I can see behind me in the venue. Where they do bring the noise, their stage presence is a little underrated but seemingly overshadowed later in their set by their vocalists addressing of the crowd saying (and I’m possibly paraphrasing as far as I can remember here) “I want to see someone die”. I can’t really condone this type of mentality anywhere I go, at any venue. A gig is meant to be a safe place for fans to listen to live music and if the night demands it, yes of course mosh. But this type of language used felt very unwanted and just seemingly spoiled their set, making it one fans could forget quickly.

Next up, producing a criminally underrated record with ‘Braille’ in 2018 were Palm Reader. They were a band, possibly half the venue came out for as much as Blood Youth and Lotus Eater. Here their set adorned to produce something which was highly enjoyable, with no doubts about gaining more listeners on the night where they do reach their peak at times to showcase just how much talent they have and how much more we have to look forward to in their future. Anyone will know they are a band who revels in their atmosphere, just not quite hitting that top notch but in time, will see them soar to new heights.

A new record, better mentality and a venue of onlookers to mosh and crowdsurf? It can only be time for Blood Youth to take to the stage! They waste no time in getting straight to their meaty tracks from their recently released record, ‘Starve’, opening with ‘Starve’ and ‘Cut Me Open’. All I remember is the place just erupting in moshpit after moshpit with vocalist Kaya Tarsus taking command of everyone, showing why they’re the headliners tonight. But also, this is a testament to just what Blood Youth are capable of as well, showing that the only direction is up for the band in the very near future. Every track is just met with more enthusiasm during their set, even when they do decide to slow things down by even the slightest.

What I love about this set is that it’s firstly a hometown show for the band, which they just absolutely destroy, where no person should be left unmoshed. The other is that their track, ‘Exhale’ which is quite a long track, showcases the atmosphere of what they’re able to do with a crowd and pretty soon, will take the band to new heights.

Rating: 7/10

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