Live Review: The Pale White @ The Basement, York

Date: 03/03/19

Support: Feva, Neon Salmon

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been at this venue. The Basement’s located below one of the loveliest cinema’s in York, The City Screen. It’s a tiny venue which hosts some comedians and fair’s but every so often, there are amazing music gigs which you just can’t afford to miss. I do admit, a friend did make me aware of this gig at the last minute when they asked if I was seeing them in York (they saw the band on one of their previous tour dates). And when I found out there was a handful of tickets left, I immediately raced down to the venue to purchase a ticket on the evening. I’ve kept an eye on The Pale White since they released ‘Reaction’ back in 2017 and from there I was just hooked the moment the track finished. They’re a band that typically only pops up maybe once in a generation but I will not compare them to say the Arctic Monkeys because to compare their rising star power wouldn’t be necessary and possibly a waste of time considering the two clashing genres of music.

First up on the evening were local lads in Neon Salmon. Say what you want about this band, they did have a certain je ne sais quoi which made them hard to look away from. This might have been down to their attire of the night, with some blankets (I think they were blankets) or their fairy lights which just ran rampant on every member but they seemed to be able to take pride in themselves and just have a great time performing together. They’re more of an easy listening group, perfect to get the crowd going, especially with the vocalist’s quick quips but talented they are. With some fine tuning however, this could be one band York will be talking about in the future.

Feva on the other hand, from their first note, could’ve brought the house down. If people hadn’t heard of them before, everyone was interested by then. They’re again, in the same genre as The Pale White, both bands that stand out and have something quite unique because of their sounds. They seem to go a little harder on their tracks which might explain this mentality, especially with their vocalist moving out into the pit twice during their set, or his legs have presumably gotten tired from standing in a small spot for so long. Either way, Feva are a band with a statement and tracks such as ‘Uneasy’ or ‘Blind’ just show this as soon, I predict they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with, and being from the North East of England, don’t expect them to stay quiet for long because they are going to dominate sooner rather than later.

Now, The Pale White. As I’ve said before,they’ve been on my radar for some time now. I’ll say this to start off with, this is the only band I’ve seen at the Basement, York to actually get everyone around the stage upon command. There’s a bit of a weird layout to the venue because of the benches in front of the stage but I haven’t seen enthusiasm to get people to the front of there in a while. While this is a tiny venue for the band to be playing, it’s quite intimate compared to the other venues the band have been playing including The Georgian Theatre in Stockton. For every track though, the crowd just responded more and more, with a few people even getting their dance on into what was a thoroughly enjoyable set but what’s next for the band? To take some daring risks and step up these shows.

The main distinction to anyone from The Pale White to me is possibly the thunderous guitar sections they have which total them as true indie icons in the making, mostly seen in tracks such as ‘Medicine’ and ‘Loveless’. They’re pure backlog tracks that will hopefully be never fade out of the band’s setlist but here, we’ll eventually see them flourish as the icons we know they can be. What’s more is that after this tour, they’re jetting off to play with Sam Fender next month as well, further cementing North East artists as ones to watch in 2019. All I’m going to say is, get to any dates for this band because you will not want to miss out.

Rating: 7/10

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